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Uncovering Hidden Fruit Machine Features

pub-fruityFruit Machines are a fairly unique type of gaming machine and you may have noticed that more and more online casino sites have a small or even large range of fruit machines on offer, and if you have never come across these types of slots before then you really do owe it to yourself to lean how they play and pay.

A fruit machine is a type of gaming machine that has been available in the United Kingdom for many decades now, but they are designed in such a way that players playing them are going to be awarded with a huge number of different bonus games and bonus features! It is that fact alone as to why they are so popular with players, as each of them offers a highly entertaining type of playing format and structure.

However, whilst many of the features that can be triggered and awarded to you when playing some fruit machines are fairly straight forward and easy to play off, there are some bonus features and bonus games that are classed as hidden features.

You will have to know how to trigger though hidden features when playing certain fruit machines for if you don’t you will never be able to utilize them!


Nudge Peek Feature

Microgaming do have a very good example of an online fruit machine you can play online, in fact they used to have a massive selection of them available but for one reason or another they took them off their gaming platforms.

However, they may appear in the future, but when playing their fruit machines you will notice that they do award lots of nudge features, and one of the problems of playing off a set of nudges is that unless you know the way n which the reel strips have been designed you will not know what reels will be the best ones to nudge as you will not see the out of view reel symbols.

That is however something you can forget all about when you play their fruit machines for they come with a handy hidden feature that not many players know about!

That feature is the nudge peek feature, by clicking on the little triangular shaped symbol just above any of the reels then that corresponding reel will nudge downwards to allow you to see just what reel symbols are out of view, so you can then make your decision on facts and not luck alone!


Hidden Hold Feature

Many Bar X type fruit machine sand many of the O X O type fruit machines offer players holds, you can be awarded with the hold feature on any spin including a winning spin, and the way in which you will know if you have been awarded with at feature is that the hold buttons will illuminate.

However, many fruit machines have a hidden feature and that is a hold feature being on offer to players but the hold buttons do not actually light up to alert you to the fact that you have been awarded that hold feature.

So one tip we can pass onto you if and when you do decide to play any of those types of fruit machines is that if you have ever been awarded any type of winning payout then before you click on the spin or start button to send the next spin spinning always click on each of the hold buttons, just in case that hidden feature has been awarded to you.

You could also find that you are awarded the hidden hold feature several times on the trot and if so if you have won a large value winning payout by holding the reels you will get it awarded to you again!



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