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Understanding How Slot Games are Designed

great-griffin-slot-rulesThe online gaming industry has evolved so quickly over the last few years, that as a regular player of Online Slots you are able to play thousands of different types of slots whenever you get the urge! You will find casinos offering downloadable and instant play gaming platforms, and as such you can be playing any kind of slot machine in a couple of seconds when logged onto the internet!

However, there are often some subtle changes as to the way slot games work and play online and if you are fairly new to the world of online slot playing then we think this article is going to be of great interest to you! It will highlight the many different features offered on each category of slot you can freely access and play online.

One aspect of playing slots at any casino or slot site is that you should always stick to playing at the Top Rated Online Casinos, as by doing so you will benefit from lots of bonuses, slot game comps and should you be playing for real money and win big, those casinos will always pay you your winnings in a very timely fashion!


How 3 Reel Slots Work and Operate

Let us start by introducing you to the most basic of online slot games. These are the 3 Reel Slot Machines, and as the name of this category of slot suggests each slot boasts just one set of three reels. These types of slots usually have one or a maximum of five optional pay lines have been designed as fast playing and fast paying slots as they come without (usually) any bonus feature rounds or bonus type games.

It is always advisable for players to first take a look at all of the payouts that are listed on pay table of these kinds of slots as the vast majority of them which will permit you to play more than one coin on a single payline slot or playing all of the available pay lines will boast an enhanced jackpot payout when you play the maximum number of coins or pay lines!


Video Slot Structures

The one category of slot games that always get the most attention from players is without a doubt the Video Slot Games. These slots offer 5 reels and pay lines which can number just five up to slots offering thousands of pay lines!

The main attraction is Video Slots is down the fact the they offer enhanced sound effects, animated graphics and at various times and stages when playing the base game all manner of unique and often very high paying bonus feature games and rounds can be triggered.

Should you be looking for a range of slots which are going to keep you entertained as well as offering you the chance of winning big then it is the video slots we would recommend you track down and play online!


Playing Progressive Slot Games Online

There is usually only one reason a slot player will sit down and play one of more Progressive Jackpot Awarding Slot Games and that is in the hope that they will win a life changing jackpot.

The way in which Progressive Slots have been designed is that every time you play them a small amount of your stake is used to feed the jackpot prize pool. As soon as a player wins the jackpot it will reset to a seed value and will start to grow in value once again.

The way a slot will award a progressive jackpot varies, you may have to play maximum bet stakes and then spin in the winning combination on any or one highlighted payline, or some slots now offer completely randomly awarded progressive jackpots or they can award them via some form of bonus feature round.


Learning How Fruit Machines Play and Operate

Fruit Machines are themed and based on a type of gaming machines most commonly found in the UK. These types of slots come usually with just three reels a single payline however you can find some of them offering more than one payline.

The main aspect of these Fruit Machine games that players enjoy is that they are known as High Tech slots, and that means they come with a huge number of base and bonus game features which gives players a much more interactive type of slot playing session.

You need to be aware the Fruit Machines have been designed to play in cycles, and as such you could go on a quite bad losing streak at any time but the opposite it also true and high paying winning streaks are also possible. However, at the end of each game cycle a Fruit Machines expected payout percentage will always be reached and achieved and the game will do whatever it needs to do to balance its current RTP with its expected and preset one at the end of the game cycle.



We are convinced that if you are testing out the online slot game playing environment you are going to be in for an exciting time. With there being such a wide and very varied array of slot games on offer you will be able to readily pick and choose just which one to play based on the exact features, jackpots and stakes you wish to play for.

Be aware that you are always more than welcome to play slots completely free of charge and at no risk what so ever as every single one of our listed and rated online casinos will let their players sign up and log into their casinos as a guest player.

The only slot games that you are unlikely to be able to play in a free play mode are the progressive jackpots, and the reason for this is that a percentage of players stakes are used to constantly feed the jackpots and as such only real money players can give them some play time!

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