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Unique and Unusual 3 Reel Slot Playing Structures

wheel-of-wealth-slotYou may be interested in playing some of the rather easier to play slot games when logged into an online casino site, and those games which are famed for having such a playing structure in place are of course the three reel slots of which they are quite a large and varied selection of them on offer at various casino sites.

However, whilst it is true to say many slot players may grow tied if not bored very quickly when playing the classic slots, those being the three reel slots on which just one single payline can be activated and put into play per spin, in this slot playing guide we shall introduce you to several of the more unusual and uniquely structured 3 reel slots which may be much more appealing to you than the classic 3 reel slots.


Multi Line 3 Reel Slot Games

There are two main types of 3 reel slot games which offer more than just one single payline. You are going to find a range of slots that offer 3 optional paylines and also a range of 3 reel slots on which you can put into play up to five different optional pay lines.

Be aware however that when you play any 3 reel slot games offering more than one payline there will be a very good possibility that those slots will all offer a higher valued jackpot payout on the higher numbered pay lines.

This will therefore call for players of these slots to always ensure that they activate every single payline, for by doing so you will get to benefit from the enhanced jackpot payout if you spin in the jackpot payout combination on one of the higher numbered pay lines.

Plus by playing all other paylines on these types of 3 reel slot you will never experience seeing a winning combination spinning in that could have awarded you with a large payout but on a payline that you haven’t activated and as such have missed out on being awarded! If you fancy playing such a slot game online then the Break Da Bank slot is a great one to play and does of course offer five completely optional paylines to players.


3 Reel Slots with Bonus Games

It can often surprise slot players when they find out that there are some online 3 reel slot games which offer them the chance of being awarded some form of bonus feature round when playing these types of slots.

There are quite a number of 3 reel slots which have been available for years at different casino sites that when you play them with the maximum number of coins in play will award you with a bonus game when some form of bonus symbols or set of bonus symbols spin in on the payline.

The three most common types of bonus games you are going to find attached to 3 reel slots are the wheel spinning based bonus features, a pick and win type of bonus game or you may find one or two 3 reel slots which boast some form of racing themed and structured bonus game.

The Wheel of Wealth slot game is a 3 reel slot on which you can trigger a spin the wheel type of bonus game, and if you would prefer playing a slot offering a basic but potentially high paying pick to win type of bonus feature round then make sure you check out the Diamond Deal slot.

Should however you be attracted to playing a 3 reel slot on which you could end up being awarded a racing themed bonus game then the slot you need to locate and play is the Sizzling Scorpions slot game, which will see you having to pick one of three different Scorpions and then sitting back and watching as the three entrants in the race then race across the sand in the desert, depending on where your chosen Scorpion finishes in that race you will be awarded with a bonus payout.

If you do come across any 3 reel slots offering any of the mentioned bonus games or bonus features for in fact any type of additional bonus game then make sure your read through the pay table or any attached game playing rules, for often there is a stipulation that you will have to always play those slots with maximum bet spins in play to have any chance of trigger their respective bonus games!



Once you have signed up and become a newly registered player at any of our top rated online casino sites, then never be in too much of a rush to play the first slot machines you come across. It can be very advantageous for you to spend some time looking through the slot game menu, as by doing so and reviewing each slot on offer you will find several of them which are guaranteed to appeal to you.

It is always worth remembering that you can log into any of the casinos we have fully reviewed on this website via a demo mode log in, and as such by signing into that casinos as a guest playing you will be given unrestricted access to the slot game offered by that site and will be given an unlimited supply of free play credits to test out and play those slots.

That is of course the best way to actually find out for yourself just which slots are going to be suitable to play at a later date for real money, and the more slots you test out in a no risk playing format the more likely you are to be able to select those you are going to get the maximum playing pleasure out of playing for real money when you are in a position to play them for real money!

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