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Utilizing Gamble Games on Slot Machines

untamed-giant-panda-slot-gambleThere are several video slot games which have something known as a gamble game option attached to them, and if you have never come across these types of slots before or you have played them but have never opted to take the gamble game feature, then this guide will enlighten you on how they are designed and the pros and cons of utilizing these bonus feature games.

The aim of playing any slot game is of course to spin in lots of winning combinations or when playing bonus game awarding video slots to try and get the biggest possible payouts once the bonus feature have been awarded to you.

However, when you are playing some slots, namely the low variance slots, you will of course find the number of low valued winning combinations that spin in are quite high in number, and as such every now and then you may fancy trying to increase the value of those winning payouts. This is where the gamble game options come in as there are several different types of gamble game you can utilize to try and increase any awarded winning payouts and below is an overview of each of them.


Playing Card Based Gamble Games

The most commonly found gamble game option you will find on a vast proportion of online slots are the card based gamble games. Playtech and Microgaming have the largest collection of these types of slots on offer and when you choose to take the gamble option you will be faced, depending on the slot, with one of several different options.

You may be given the option of picking whether the next card to be revealed from a deck of playing cards is going to be a red one or a black one, and if you guess correctly your original winning payout is then doubled, but an incorrect guess will see you losing your original winnings on the base game spin.

Another option will involve you picking one of the four suits that each card belongs to, and if you pick the correct suit then your original winning payout is quadrupled meaning it instantly becomes four times larger in value, once again though an incorrect guess will see you losing everything you originally won.

A handful of slot games will have a higher or lower type of gamble game, and this will simply see you being dealt out a playing card from a deck of cards and you then have to guess whether the next one dealt out is higher or lower than the first card revealed, the winning payout for a correct prediction is x2 so in effect your original win is doubled and an incorrect guess will see you losing that original winning payout.

Many slots will also let you take the gamble option again if your first try was a successful one, however do not get too carried away with taking the gamble options as a losing outcome may just be seconds away!


Wheel Spinning Gable Games

Some slot game designers have designed some unique gamble game options and have attached them to their slot games, Microgaming have launched a range of slots known as their untamed series of slots and the different slots that make up this series all share a unique wheel spinning based gamble game known as the Your Gamble Feature.

What makes this gamble option unique is that you will be given the option of increasing or describing the value of the winning payout you will get paid out at if the outcome of the gamble game is a winning one, and this is done by players selecting a large or small amount of a wheel to be coloured either red or green.

Players will, after choose how much of the face area of the wheel they want to be a winning area and a losing area then spin the wheel and an arrow will spin on that wheel and if it lands in the win area you win, however if it lands in the losing zone then you have of course lost.

The beauty of this gamble game option is that you are always in control of the element of risk you put into play on each spin of that wheel you play and as such it will suit both high risk and low risk gamblers alike.


Coin Toss Gamble Games

Make sure you checkout some of the 3D slot games which have been released by BetSoft Gaming, for when you play those slots you will often find they boasts some very unusual and quite fun to play gamble game options.

One which is attached to a handful of their slot games are the coin tossing gamble games, and when you have spun in a winning combination on one of the slots offering these types of gamble game feature rounds and opt to take the gamble game you then simply have to pick whether a coin, once tossed in the air, will land with its head side facing up or the tail side facing up, correctly predict the side of the coin that is facing upwards after being tossed and your initial winning combinations value will be doubled.



Be advised that when you opt to gamble any spun in winning combination when playing a slot machine you will obviously have the chance of increasing the value of that winning payout, however the opposite is also true and as such you could lose the winning combinations value of that spun in win.

You should therefore tread rather carefully when you are playing slots offering a gamble game for if you choose to repeatedly take the gamble option then you could, if lady luck is not on your side that day, end up repeatedly losing and that will see your gambling bankroll vanish rather quickly!

The best way to use the gamble game option is to only use it infrequently, maybe once every 10 or 20 winning spins, and only ever gamble the lowest valued winning combinations, as you will not want to have greatly reduced amount of play time due to consecutive losing outcomes on that gamble game!

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