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What are Bingo Slot Games?

fantastic-7-slotIt is not only at online casino sites that you are going to be able to access and play slot games online for either free or for real money, as a lot of other gaming sites will always have a range of slot games on offer to their players.

In fact if you choose to play at an online bingo site you are always going to find in addition to the nonstop bingo games that will be in play a large number of slot games and slot machines will be on offer at those sites and you can play them alongside any bingo cards you have purchased which will certainly give you an exciting bingo and slot playing session!

Many bingo sites are actually using a gaming platform and software package that has been designed and supplied by the same companies who supply online casino games and the gaming platforms that power those sites, and as such many of the slot game you will find on offer at such sites are identical ones to those found in many online casino sites!

In this slot playing guide we shall enlighten you as to which are some of the most play online bingo site slot games, so if you do ever decide to sign up to such a site always be on the lookout for the following high paying and fun to play slot games!


Which Bingo Slots Should I Play?

It will depend on just what type of slot playing experience you are looking for in regards to just what type of bingo slot game you should choose to play. If you are looking for lots of low valued winning spins to appear when playing bingo slots online then look out for the slots which have been designed as Low Variance Slot Games.

However, if you want the chance of spinning some much higher winning payouts or you want the chance of winning some life changing jackpots then the type of slot game you should be looking to play are the High Variance Slots or slot games which have progressive jackpots attached to them.

Just be aware that whilst all bingo slot games which do have progressives jackpots attached to them are often fun to play slots if there is a huge progressive jackpot on offer on them you are not going to have a very good chance of winning that jackpot as the odds on you doing so will be very high indeed.

The more play them you allocate to any slot game then naturally the more chances you will have of winning that slot games jackpot payout, however it is possible to play slots for very long periods and never see a jackpot combination lining up on your activated pay lines!

If you are seeking a lot of entertainment value as you play bingo slot games then you will probably be best advised not to play the more classical three reel slot games and instead opt to play some of the bonus game awarding video slot games.

When you play video slot game you will find that a lot of them have animated reel symbols and sampled sound effects and those will enhance your slot playing session and give you some additional entertainment value.

However, it is worth noting that many video slot games also come with bonus games and bonus features and when you are playing a bingo slot game and trigger those features your excitement and entertainment will be greatly increased as you will never know what you are going to win until you have played off those bonus games.

Another category of bingo slot games which you could choose to play are the fruit machines which many sites now have on offer, whilst these types of slot machines may only have three reels and one single payline you can put into play you will find they offer an enormous range of bass game bonus features and even more bonus game features.

When playing fruit machines online or on a mobile device you are going to be triggering their respective bonus games and bonus features lots of times and as such they are the most entertaining and most interactive bingo slot games you can play, so do look out for them online and give them a try to see what you make of them!



The payout percentages found on offer at online bingo sites attached to their slot games will always be the same as the online casino slot games if the bingo sites is using games from a company such as Microgaming or Playtech so you will always be playing high paying slots and have will have a fair and reasonable chance one winning when playing them online.

The progressive jackpots also found attached to such online casino and online bingo site slot games will be networked together so not only will your stakes when playing them be used to feed the jackpots pools but you will also have the exact same chance of winning the progressive jackpots when playing at either an online bingo site or at an online casino site.

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