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What are the True Odds of Winning a Slot Games Jackpot?

moonshine-slotIf you took the time and the trouble of working out the actual true odds of you winning a jackpot on a slot game, then you would probably be put off playing slot games for life! There are some huge numbers involved when you start to work out these odds and there is only on real way of working out the true odds of winning any slot games jackpot.

To do this you have to study each single reel, and the work out how many reel symbols are on each reel then multiply them together which will give you an idea of how many individual reel symbol combinations can be spun in, plus you also have to work out how many jackpot symbols are on each reel and then factor that into your equation!

This can be quite a time consuming thing to do, more so as it is quite difficult to obtain the actual reel layouts from most online slot game designers as they tend to keep this information a closely guarded secret!

However, it is possible to work out the chances of you spinning in a jackpot combination when playing a lot of slot games, and this is something that we have managed to do, and below you will find facts and figures surrounding some of the most played online slot games, all of these games by the way are available to play at our featured Microgaming Software powered casino sites.


True Odds of Winning a Slot Jackpot Online

The first slot that we have managed to completely dissect the reel symbols on is the Moonshine Slot, now this is a slot game you should be looking at playing for the true odds of spinning in its jackpot symbols when you activate and put into play all of the available 25 pay lines is once every 60515 base game spins.

That is one of the lowest numbers of base game spins you will have to make on average to win a slot game jackpot and when you are lucky enough to spin the jackpot symbols in you will be rewarded with an 8000 coin jackpot for each coin per line you wagered.

One of the older slot games which you will surely have played at one time or another when logged into a Microgaming powered casino site is their Thunderstruck slot game and what makes this game somewhat appealing is that it offers players the chance of winning 10,000 coin jackpot on any spin.

To be awarded with that 10,000 coin jackpot which can be increased in 10,000 coins increment by wagering an additional coin on each payline, you have to live up all five of the wild symbols on an activated payline, when you are playing all if this slot games pay lines however the true odds of you winning the jackpot are huge, and they work out at once every 3,960,000 base game spins!

One slot that offers a much more modest sized jackpot is the Asia themed Wasabi San slot game which is another of Microgaming’s fun to play multi line multi stake slots, when you are playing this game for every single coin wagered on its payline you have the chance of spinning in a jackpot worth some 7500 coins obviously the more coins you choose to activate per payline the higher that potential jackpot will become.

The odds when you are playing all of this slot games paylines of spinning in a line of five jackpot symbols, which for reference are the wild symbols are once every 1,218,560 base game spins, so it is not a jackpot you are likely to see spinning in that often if you choose to play this slot!

We have just got enough spare space to tell you about another highly playable and potentially very high paying Microgaming designed online slot game and this is their Tally Ho slot, which is always worth some play time thanks to a potentially high paying free spins bonus feature that can be triggered and retriggered when you are playing it.

The jackpot of Microgaming’s Tally Ho slot game will pay you out with a total of 10,000 coins for each coin per payline activated and put into play as soon as all five of the jackpot symbols spinning in on any payline.

The odds of actually spinning in the jackpot paying combination on this Tally Ho slot game are very high in fact you should see it happening on average once every 3,960,000 base game spins which is going to take some time for you to spin the jackpot in on the average number of base game spins required to do so, however being a random slot you never know just when you will win its jackpot which is why playing slots is so very exciting!



As you have just found out there are a huge range of different slot games you can play online and every single slot you will come across and will be able to play will offer its own unique odds on you being able to win the jackpot on that slot game.

It does go without saying that the slot game you should be therefore looking to play are those which not only have the very highest payout percentages but the slot son which your chances and true odds of winning the jackpot are the lowest!

You can sample most slot games online for free and that is often the best way to quickly discover if the demo mode slots you are playing are going to be suitable for your playing style and slot game playing strategy in a real money mode which you are always able to have at a later date!

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