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What do you know about RNG?

Random number generator (hereinafter it will be referred to as the RNG) is a program, which lies in the basis of the work of all online casinos and slot machines installed in a real gambling halls. Understanding of the principles of work of the RNG is unlikely to significantly affect the level of your game; however, it will help to get rid of possible prejudices and will allow you to understand the futility of the majority of game strategies, distributed by enterprising businessmen.

If we consider the essence of the RNG on the example of slot machines, we shall see that it lies in generating the numbers, corresponding to the symbols on the reels of slots. It works incredibly fast, choosing the set of all random numbers (in addition to the negative) for a second, and then collects them in the group, consistent with the symbols on the reels. Therefore, each spin gives a result that is directly linked to the number chosen by the generator. This process happens all the time, even when the machine is not used.

The RNG is like any other computer program. In its work sets of instructions, in other words, algorithms are used. Slots contain a set of commands allowed by the technology of the use of microprocessors. There is a huge number of combinations that may arise in the process of work, and each full set of combinations is called a cycle.
But this word must not lead you astray, because it doesn’t mean that the slot machine has winning and losing cycles. None of the combinations implies the emergence of any particular cycle followed by it. This choice is quite accidental, and if you encounter a return statement, you should know that it’s just one of the myths about slot machines, which we have already discussed in various publications on the portal

The RNG completely randomly selects a number, which means some kind of a character or a gap, forming a combination on the screen. Any character may appear on one and the same place several times in a row, or do not appear for a long time. The RNG doesn’t follow it at all. It will not generate all numbers the same amount of times for a certain period, as in this case its name would not correspond to the reality.

Imagine that you pull out of the bag barrels for Lotto, and then throw them back and mix. Any number can occur several times in a row. On the other hand, some other number may not fall for a few hours. The same thing happens in the process of work of the RNG.

So do not worry if someone tore off the jackpot or just started to win after you on the same slot. This absolutely does not mean that you would have been also fortunate in his place.

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