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What Happens if I Lose My Internet Connection?

santas-wild-ride-slotYou will often find that when playing slot games on for example a mobile device that you may lose your internet connection for a short while, take for example if you are playing at a casino site on a train and you go through a long tunnel then there will be a good chance that you will lose your connection, until the train comes out of the other set of the tunnel!

With that in mind you may be wondering just what will happen if you do drop your internet connection on a mobile device when playing slot games or even when you are playing at home, as sometimes on occasions your home internet or broadband connection could go down.

Well every single mobile and casino site will have in place a disconnection protection system that will determine what will happen if you are part way through playing a slot game, and below we will take a look at what will happen if such a thing occurs when you are playing slot online or via a mobile device at any of our featured and top rated online casino sites.


Reconnect to Restore Your Game

If you ever do lose your internet or Wi-Fi connection to any casino site you are playing at then all you will have to do is to reconnect to that site when you connection returns and any games you were playing will be restored. Be aware though that if you were half way through playing off a base game spin when you do reconnect the outcome of that spin will be displayed on the slot game screen.

Any winnings from any spun in winning combinations will have been automatically added to your casino account balance. However, if you were part way through playing off a bonus game or bonus feature then you will be able to carry on playing that bonus game or feature from the point when your connection went down we you log into your casino account.

A disconnect protection is offered at all casino sites and as such you will never lose out if your connection does go down. That is the same when you are playing at an online casino or any type of mobile casino site as they both offer the same time of disconnect protection to all of their players.


Disconnections When Playing off a Bonus Game Feature

As mentioned above you will never lose anything if you lose your connection to any casino site whether a mobile or online casino site if a disconnection occurs. When you are playing off for example a pick and match or pick and win type of bonus game you will be able to carry on picking off locations form the bonus game screen when you reconnect to the casino site.

If you were playing off a set of free spins then any unused free spins will be waiting to be played off when you restore your intent connection. Keep in mind that you will always have access to your gaming logs at any of our casino site.

So if you do suffer a disconnection you will always be able to fully double check what stage of playing off any slot game you suffered a disconnection on when you reconnect to that casino site. Ideally you should avoid playing at a casino site if there is any chance that you are going to keep getting disconnected when you are on a long train journey for example on which there will be lots of tunnels to go through as it will get rather annoying!



Playing slot game is always going to be fun and entertaining, however remember that you are going to be able to play those online and mobile slot games in one of many different ways. If you want to play on a mobile device you can either download an app onto your mobile phone or tablet device of will be able to use the web browser on those devices as the way you access the casino and slot games.

If you choose to play on your laptop or PC then you will be able to download the casino software platform at many casino sites directly onto your computer, or you will have access to all of the casino games available via an instant play gaming platform that will give you access to the casino slots and games via the web browser.

Both real money and reel play options are always on offer to you when you play at any online casino sites so if you do want to see how any casinos range of games play and operate at no risk then do consider giving those games a little bit of play time via the free play modes.

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