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What Happens When I Win a Slot Jackpot?

You will be hoping that at some point in any of your slot playing sessions you are going to be lucky enough to win a jackpot. If you do and the slot machine is offering a fixed coin jackpot then the value of it will be instantly added to your casino account balance.

However, you may be wondering what happens if you win an enormous progressive slot machine jackpot when playing online, and due to the sheer number of players playing online and the very wide and varied selection of different progressive slot games that are available to players, lots of them do win such a jackpot most days of the week!

The very first thing that will happen if you are lucky enough to win a progressive jackpot is that a message will usually be displayed on the slot machines screen, letting you know it is you that has won the jackpot. Then the jackpot winnings will be added to your casino account balance, and the progressive jackpot meter will be reset to the seed value of that jackpot.

But it is the way that casino sites will pay you out those winnings if you request a withdrawal from your casino account that makes some casino sites worth playing at, and sadly some casinos not worth playing at, so let us now look at how you could be paid out your progressive slot game jackpot winnings!


Annual or Monthly Winning Payouts

If you choose to play the range of Mega Jackpot slot games game online that are offered at casino sites utilizing the IGT slot machines then if you win one of those progressive jackpots you are going to be paid out in annual instalments.

That is much like when you win the Mega Bucks Jackpots in a land based bricks and mortar casino playing the IGT range of slot machines. However, being a fully licensed and regulated company you will always get paid out those winnings, but it could take many years for you to receive them!

Some other slot game designers will leave the decision of how to pay jackpot winning players to the casino sites that offer their range of slots and other casino games.

As such you should always make sure you read through the terms and conditions of the casino site you are playing at to find out whether you are limited in regards to the maximum amount you can cash out over one week or one month, as it could take quite a while to get paid out your jackpot winnings at casino sites that do limit their players withdrawal amounts each week or month!


Lump Sum Jackpot Payouts

If you play at a Microgaming software powered online or mobile casino site or any casino site that offers their range of games alongside other suppliers slot machines then you will not have to wait very long for your to receive the entire value of your jackpot payout!

That is due to Microgaming deciding that as soon as any player wins any of their slot or other casino game progressive jackpots they are entitled to not only get paid out those winning payouts very quickly, but also in one lump sum payout too!

There have of course been some mega jackpots won at Microgaming powered casino sites, and many players have been turned into instant millionaires playing their range of progressive slots, however every single one of them has been paid out their winnings in one single payment!

Keep in mind however that some players living in certain countries such as the USA are not permitted to play Microgaming slot machines online, and as such you are not going to have the chance of winning one of their many slot game progressive jackpots if you do live in the US or any of the other countries they do not permit players to play from!



It is up to you where you choose to ply any type of progressive slot games or any of the many other progressive jackpot awarding slot machines, however always ensure that as a player you are fully award of just how to win a progressive jackpot.

Some casino games such as progressive card and table games may require you to have to place an additional side bet wager to have the chance of winning such a jackpot, whilst some slot machines may require you to play for maximum bet spins to have any possible chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

However, the only way that you are going to have any chance what so ever of winning a life changing progressive jackpot is to actually play the games that have them on offer, and as such we cordially invite you to check out some of our feature online casinos sites as all of them will be offering you a wide and very varied selection of those types of casino games!

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