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What is the Ideal Slot Game Bankroll?

sneak-a-peek-planet-exoticaWhen you visit a land based casino venue you will usually have a set amount of cash on your person which you are going to be using as your bankroll for any slot playing session you have, and when you play at an online casino site you should also have in mind a bankroll to allow you to play the slot games which do take your fancy at those sites.

However, as you are going to need to make a deposit into such site and as often there may be a few additional fees and charges associated with you using one deposit option to transfer money into such an account it will be beneficial and cost effective for you to have a bankroll in mind before out deposit and play.

Also getting lots of playing value from your bankroll is also important as with bonuses and promotional offers always available to online real money slot players you can get lots of additional slot playing value when you shop around and make use of those bonuses.

Read on for this guide will be letting you know what the ideal bankroll will be for you to then have access to plenty of different types of online slot games.


Bankroll for 3 Reel Slots

You will find that most 3 reel slot games due to their design are going to be very low cost slot games to play for with just one or a tiny number of pay lines on offer you will not have to spend a small fortune configuring every single payline spread over their three stepper reels.

Therefore you will actually find that you will only need a small bankroll when playing 3 reel slots much more so if you stick to playing the single line classic slots. However, one thing to keep in mind is that most of those types of slot game offer a much high valued jackpot payout when you put into play more coins per spin.

With that in mind try and play any type of 3 reel slots offering an enhanced jackpot when playing for either maximum coin spins or maximum payline spins in such a way that you always have the best chances of winning those enhanced jackpots, which will call for you to play max bet spins, but by configuring the coin value settings that will not prove to be too expensive if you set them down low in value!


Ideal Bankroll to Use on Video Slots

We always advise anyone who wants to play video slot games on which free spins or in fact any type of bonus game can be triggered to first discover how the bonus games are actually awarded and then adjust the stake levels they play those types of slot games for.

As many video slot games offer a playing format on which scatter symbols will be used to trigger their respective bonus games then no matter how many pay lines you activate you always have the same chance of getting those free spins awarded to you irrespective of the exact number of pay lines  you play.

As you can play those slots for pennies then a wide range of staking options are available, however keep in mind that it will often take over 100 spins between bonus games before they are actually triggered so divide up your bankroll to a unit stake that will enable you to play off at the least one hundred base game spins.

Playing a video slot offering bonus symbols that need to line up on an activated payline before the bonus game is awarded will see you being best advised to play every single payline to have the best chance of having those bonus games awarded to you, so adjust your stakes accordingly!



Once you have chosen just how much you wish to use as your bankroll then all that will remain for you to do is to sign up to any of our rated casino sites and by doing so you can then make your deposit and get stuck into playing the range of games on offer using your bankroll!

However, do keep in mind that you are going to be given the ability of accessing lots of welcome sign up bonuses at each of our featured online and also mobile casino sites which is of course a great way for you to get even more slot playing value and play time out of your bankroll too!

If you are unsure as to just which slot games will be available to you and which are going to be the best ones to play have a quick look over our guide of NuWorks Slot Games for we are more than confident that you are going to enjoy playing their range of slots many of which come with very generous pay tables and some higher than average payout percentages too!

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