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What is the Most Popular Casino Banking Option and Why?

As soon as you start playing slots at an online or mobile casino site, if you wish to play at those sites and on those casino apps in a real money playing environment you will of course need to select a payment option that will allow you to fund your accounts in a fast and cost effective way.

However, one thing you are going to find is that most if not all casinos sites are going to offer a huge and very diverse range of different ways that you can fund your account, but not all of them will allow you to do so without having to pay any additional fees or charges!

One of the very best ways that you can choose to fund a casino site account is by using a debit card that is linked dup to your bank account, the reason that method is a good one to use is that all deposits are processed instantly and in real time, and there are often no fees or charges what so ever associated with using a debit card to fund your casino site account either!


Using Pre-Paid Vouchers

You can choose to pay for your casino credits at most online or mobile casino sites in cash, but to do so you must first find a local shop or retail outlet nearby to where you live that sells something known as PaySafeCard vouchers.

There are in fact literally thousands of shops worldwide that do sell those vouchers and by visiting one of them you can request a voucher for any amount up to a certain limit and you simply hand over your cash in exchange for the voucher

You then enter the amount you had credited on the voucher and the unique PIN number printed on the front of it into the casino banking page at the casino site where you wish to play and your credits will then be added to your casino account instantly and in real time.

You are often not forced to pay any additional fees or charges when buying or using a PaySafeCard voucher but one thing you do need to know is that you cannot withdraw winnings back to a PaySafeCard voucher as they are only used to make deposits into a casino site, so another option will have to be selected by you if you do wish to cash out any winnings when you have used a re-paid voucher to deposit money into any casino site account!


Web and E-wallets

You can open up a web or e-wallet account in a matter of minutes and by doing so you can then transfer money into those accounts which in turn will then allow you to send money into any online or mobile casino site instantly.

Be aware though that there will always be fees and charges associated with using a web or e-wallet account, so you will be best advised to find out what those fees and charges are before you sign up for such an account, and obviously it will be the ones offering the lowest fees and charges you should make a beeline to sign up to.

If you do open such an account you are not only going to be able to make deposit into any online or mobile casinos site, for you are also going to be able to withdrawal your winnings back to that account too. Money held in such a web or e-wallet account can be transferred out of that account and paid into your bank account so you will always have access to your funds!



You should always take a look at the banking pages of any online or mobile casino sites you are thinking of playing at as by doing so you will discover just what banking options are available to you so you can then select one of them as your preferred deposit option.

Keep in mind though that not all casinos site are going to pay you out your winnings and process all withdrawals made by their players at the same speed, and some casino could end up taking an absolute age to process and send out to you your winnings in full.

Many of our featured casino sites however offer same day winning payouts or guarantee to pay out there winning player sin between 24 to 48 hours, and as such they are the casinos sites we would always recommend you to play at.

One other thing you should be aware of is that different payment methods will have a different payout time scale associated with them, so always pick a withdrawal option that allows the casinos to pay you out all of your winning speedily and with no delays and with no additional fees or changes too!

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