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What Makes Asian Themed Slots Fun to Play?

Every single slot game you come across is going to have a theme, some themes can be quite basic but you could come across themes which depict a famous person, a place or all manner of additional themes too.

However, what you will come across no matter at which casino sites you come across are slots that boast an Asian theme, and there are many reasons why players do enjoy playing such slots.

There are a huge number of gamblers in Asia as a whole, and as such those slots will of course be appealing to such players however other slot players from different parts of the world also enjoy playing them for various different reasons.

The reel symbols and sound effects are going to be very unique on Asian themed slot games, and usually they will offer a high variance type of playing structure, so when playing them players do have a chance of winning big, either from the base game of such slots or when they have triggered the bonus games too!


High Risk High Variance Slots

If you are unsure just what a high variance slot game is then I will now give you a quick overview in regards to the way that they play and pay, for when you do come across such an Asian themed slot boasting a high variance playing format and structure you do need to be fully aware of the risks of playing them!

A high variance slot is one that has been designed to give players a chance of winning a huge amount of cash either from the base game or from the main bonus game of the slot.

Those types of slot machines do so by cutting back on the number of low valued winning combinations you can spin in via the base game and as such you will not get as many winning spins as you could do when playing lots with a low or medium variance.

By cutting back on the number of lower valued inning combination that can be spun in that then means that there is more cash available to be awarded by the higher paying bonus games or base game winning spins. The payout percentages on such slots can be any amount so you will be best advised to pick out the slots which do offer a much higher payout percentage!


Best Way to Play High Variance Asian Themed Slots

Due to the simple fact you could bust out your bankroll very quickly when playing high variance Asian themed slot games then you should always play them in such a way that takes into account their high variance.

One of the best ways to play such slots is of course to play them for fairly low stake amounts, as that way you will at the very least, if nothing else, get a fair amount of spins from your bankroll, even if not many of them are winning ones.

You should also consider playing with a casino bonus if any are available at the casino site you are playing at, for that way by making use of those bonuses you are going to get  much larger and higher valued initial starting bankroll which will allow you to play off more spins.

Just keep in mind that due to the high variance playing structures, even if you are playing for some very low stake amounts, that high variance format could still award you with a huge valued winning payout if you are lucky!



What I would always advise you to do if you do fancy getting stuck into playing any type of Asian themed slot game when logged into an online or mobile casino site is to first set about playing the demo mode versions of those slots.

All casino sites an mobile casino apps will give you the option of testing out their range of different slot games for free and at no risk, and by doing so you will get an unlimited supply of demo mode credits to give those slot games a good going over!

By playing for free you will then at least get a good and true feel for the way the high variance playing structures does affect the game play of each of those high variance slots, and will then be able to judge for yourself if they are going to end up being slot games you will enjoy playing for real money.

But please do remember that if you do not take my advice and play for fairly low and modest stake amounts then your bankroll may not last very long when playing such slots, which is a risk you will have to take if you do want to play them for fairly high stake amounts!

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