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What makes Fruit Machines Highly Playable?

game-onYou will find a range of fruit machines can be played online, and there may be a good chance that if you are not from the UK then you will never have seen or played these types of slot games before. If that is the case then make sure you read through this guide on how they work and operate as they can be very entertaining and often high paying games!

A standard fruit machine will offer players a playing structure on which there are just three reels and often you will find there is just one payline on these types of slot games. However you may occasionally come across one or two fruities as they are often referred to which may offer you the ability of playing more than one payline per spin or a fruit machine that has more than one optional payline.

It is the way that fruit machines have been design to play out that makes them very different from any other slot game you will have come across before online, for when playing them you will find that they offer lots of base game bonus feature and several main bonus games.

So if you do decide to play fruit machine online then expect some much longer slot plying sessions due to you having to play off those bonus games and also expect the occasional very high paying session as they do come with high payout percentages much like many of the other types of online slot games you will be able to play at various online casino sites!


Fruit Machine Base Game Bonus Features

Let us now enlighten you as to some of the base game bonus features that can be triggered and awarded to you when playing fruit machines online. These types of base game bonus features tend to be awarded to players completely randomly and are regularly awarded to players.

The first type of bonus feature you will find coming your way is one known as a hold feature, when you are playing a fruit machine if the three buttons that are located underneath the reels start to flash before you click on the spin or start button, you are going to be able to click on any of those buttons and hold the reel above them in positions for the next spin you play off.

You will of course need to hold the symbols that will either give you an increased chance of triggering the bonus game or if you have a pair of matching reel symbols it is often best to hold them in the hope that the third symbols required to form a matching and winning combination then gets spun in when you click on the spin button.

If you have just spun in a winning combination on the payline and a hold feature is offered to you then you must hold all of the reels which have formed that winning combination when the hold feature is offered as by doing so you will then be awarded with that winning combination again!

Another commonly awarded base game bonus feature offered by a lot of fruit machines is the nudge feature. At the end of any base game spin the buttons underneath each reel may flash and dialysed somewhere eon the fruit machines screen will be a number of nudges.

You can then click on those buttons one at a time and in any order and by doing so the reel that those button re attached to will then move downwards one position at a time. The aim of any nudge base game bonus feature so for you complete a winning combination of reel symbols on the payline or nudge in the main bonus game awarded reel combinations of symbols.


Main Bonus Games on Fruit Machines

There are several ways that you will be able to trigger the main bonus game on a fruit machine when you are playing them online. Some games will require you to simply spin into view a set number of the bonus or scatter symbols or line up on the payline a set of those symbols.

Some fruit machines however will require you to spin in sequence of numbers that are overlaid onto some of the reel symbols, as soon as you spin in on one or more base game number that add up to a certain amount via a number or bonus trail then the bonus game will be awarded to you.

Another way that a main bonus game can be awarded to you on a fruit machine is by you spinning in and filling a grid type animation with certain reel symbols.

The type of bonus games you will be awarded with when playing fruit machines online really are going o be varied and quite diverse. The most popular ones many players love being awarded with are those on which you will work your way around  board by rolling dice or spinning a number reel. As you do you will be awarded with additional and unique features as you work your way up or around the bonus board



If you wish to just test out some of the growing number of fruit machines that you will find offered at many of our featured online casinos, then do remember that they are playable for free if you wish to test them out to see if they suit your plying style.

Also s mentioned above remember that they do offer high payout percentages, so you will not have to make any compromises if you choose t play these bonus game rich slot game online, so do give them a whirl we just know that a very large number of video slot players are going to love the way these fruit machines will play and will pay!

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