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What Slots are Best Fixed or Optional Payline Slots?

silver-fang-slotThere are so many decisions that you will have to make when you start playing slot games online that you can often get very overwhelmed with the sheer number and type of slot games that will become instantly available to you when playing at any online casino site.

To help you make sense of the many different types of slot games you can access and play online we have compiled the following slot playing guide which is one of many available on our website, this one will be taking a look at the pros and cons of playing to different types of slots online.

The first types of slots that we will be taking a look at are slot games on which you will find a fixed payline playing structure, those being slots that you have no choice when playing in regards to the number of pay lines that you activate and put into play.

The second type of slot games we will be taking a very close look at are the range of optional payline slots, those are of course slot machines and slot games on which you can put into live play as many or as few of the pay lines attached and on offer on those slots are you want to, so please read through this guide to discover the benefits and any downsides of playing each of those two quite different types of online slot games.


Fixed Payline Slot Games

By playing fixed payline slots you are going to have every single line activated on each spin, and therefore they are not going to be the types of slot games you can play online for very low stake amounts.

However, what you will find attached to quite a number of those slots are bonus games that can be triggered on which those bonus games will take advantage of the fact that you have every possible way of forming a payline offered on the slot you are playing in live play.

So of you do want the best chances of winning not only via the base game but also when the bonus games are triggered on the slots you are playing it may be very beneficial for you  play fixed payline slots, more so those which have random wild reel bonus features on offer on them!


Playing Optional Payline Slots

Having full control over the pay lines attached and on offer on any type and any category of slot game is what many players look for and demand from any slots they do start playing and there are thousands upon thousands of different types of optional payline slots on offer to players.

Those players who only want to have a small number of pay lines in line play and are additionally seeking out very basic slots will be best advised to consider playing the 3 reel slots offering multiple paylines, for on the most commonly available 3 reel slots you will find you can activate and put into play three or five lines per spin.

However, the video slot games are the ones that will give you the most payline playing structures and formats and there will be some offering at little as five optional paylines and some slots in the video slot game category will let you play up to 100 pay lines per spin.

Just make sure you try and play every single line on offer as that way you will never spin the reels only to find a high paying winning combination has been spun in but on a line you didn’t put into play!



Most slot players will play a wide selection of slot games when playing at any online casino site, whilst a fair number of players will stick to playing the same games over and over again!

However, for something of a fully rounded slot playing experience you should always try and play lots of different slot games as by doing so you will always then be able to play lots of different slots each of which will be offering you something different!

There are also free play options available at all of our approved casino sites, and as such if you have never played for example fixed payline slots then you can always give them as much play time as you like at no risk to allow you to evaluate whether you do enjoy their unique playing structures.

The bonus games do however have a bearing on the level of excitement and entertainment and also the winning opportunities on all bonus game awarding slots, and one thing you will certainly find appealing is the huge paying potential of fixed payline slots, so make sure that you do give some of them a try when you next fancy playing slots online as you may just win big when doing so!

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