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What Slots Can I Play for Pennies?

tomb-raider-slotThere are two things that we can guarantee you of if you start to play slot games online, the first is that you will find exactly the type of slot games you want to play and the second is that you will always be able to play those slots for a stake level of your own choosing.

That is of course very good news if you are one of our website visitors who enjoys playing slot games for pennies, and with some very substantial jackpots on offer even when you play slot games for very low stake amounts you will always have the very real chance of winning big when playing slots for low, medium or even high stakes online.

To help you make sense of the types and varieties of slot games on offer at all online casino sites, we have put together the following guide on which you will find an overview of each category of slot games available to penny slot players.

With that in mind please do red it through and then also make sure you sign up to any of the casinos you find listed on our website, for they tend to offer by far and away the most generous player bonuses and comps too!


Video Penny Slots

Now one thing that you will soon discover is that there are going to be plenty of video slot games that have been designed as penny slots, however even though the coin value settings on those types of slot games can be set for pennies if you want to play all of the pay lines you will have to obviously play them for more than one penny per spin.

In fact, if it not unheard of for penny slot games to be offering players the ability of playing hundreds of coins per spin, and with that in mind if you are something of a low rolling slot player then always make sure you have configure the paylines and number of coins you wager per spin so the stakes you will be playing for is suitable to your playing style and also your bankroll too.

However, the video slot games thanks to their playing structures will always be the most exciting slot games to play for the at majority of them will have on offer one or more bonus games that can be tirgrged when you are playing them!


Penny 3 Reel Slots

One aspect of playing three reel and classic slot games is that not all of them will be offering you staking options that will allow you to set the coin value settings to pennies, for the vast majority of both mobile and online classic and three reel slots come with higher minimum denomination settings than for example video slots.

However you should find plenty of penny three reel slot games listed and reviewed upon this website but just keep on mind when playing at some casino sites you may be forced to have to play with the coin settings set at 0.05 or 0.25.

Make sure however that you always stick to playing penny three reel and classic slot games that offer high payout percentage of by doing so you will then get the best chances of winning or you will find that you money does go much further when playing those types of low stake slot games.

If you look hard enough you may also find some low stake penny three reel and classic slot games which could award you with some type of bonus game feature round when you are playing off the base game, and those slots will be a tad more exciting to play than the standard three reel classic penny slots!



Slot games are always going to be offering you a range of different playing structures and formats and whenever you launch any online or mobile slot game you should always first configure the slot so that is plays in a way you find cost effective based on your bankroll and also your playing style.

There are so many different gaming platforms available online you may be wondering just which company’s range of slot games are going to be the best ones to play. With that in mind please do take a look at the NextGen Range of Slots for there are some excellent and great playing and potentially very high paying slots on offer from that slot game designer.

Plus, when playing their range of slot games you will find that the lowest coin value setting on offer are penny staking options and as such you will never have any difficulties being able to play their slot games for pennies, and there are going to be so many different penny slot game on offer at casinos offering their range of slot games you will have hours of fun playing them all!

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