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When Should I Increase My Stakes?

fortune-cookie-slotThe temptation to raise the stake levels when you are playing slot games online is often way too tempting for many players, and it is often the case that many players will increase the stakes they are playing for at some point in their slot playing session, however there is a good time and a bad time for you to do so!

When you log into any casino site you will of course need to make a deposit into that site if you wish to play the slot games on offer for real money, and there are often bonuses that you can claim to increase the value of that deposit and your bankroll for that gaming session.

However, when you do make a deposit and then claim any bonuses you should always equate the actual stakes you are going to be playing your chosen slot game or games for in regards to just how large or small your bankroll initially it.

One very good rule of thumb will be to stake each spin if you intend playing any one slot game in such a way that you will get over 150 base game spins from your bankroll.

That will ensure you get both a good amount of play time and will also have a reasonable chance of triggering any bonus games or bonus features that may be attached to the slot you are playing. Below we will take a look at the best time you should then consider increasing the stake levels you are playing for.


Increasing the Stakes after Winning Big

Many slot players are going to start increasing the stake levels that they are playing for if they do get some high paying winning spins spinning in or if they win big from a slot game bonus games or bonus features.

That is actually a good way to maximize the winning potential on any slots you are playing when you do get one of those winning streaks on which you can do no wrong!

However, never go too overboard when you are winning, for with all slots being random whilst you may continue winning and winning much more if you do increase the stakes you are playing for you may also find you lose back your winnings if your luck turns, so only slightly increase the stakes if you have been experience lots of winning spins in a short pace of time!



You should always treat your bankroll with the maximum of respect and never get complacent when you are playing slot games and slot machines, and your bankroll should always be looked at as your tools of the trade so to speak, for without one you are never going to be able to play slots in any playing environment!

Staking each spin in such a way that you can get lots of base game spins out of your bankroll is another important aspect of you becoming a much more responsible and savvy slot player, however there are of course lots of ways that you can get added value when you are playing slots online.

Make sure you consider claiming and making full use of some of the many different casino bonuses that we have exclusively available on our website, and also keep in mind that you will additionally be earning comps at all of our featured casinos too based on the level of real money action you give their slot games.

Also one final tip to pass onto you is to always know in advance when you are going to stop playing, and if you do have a winning slot playing session then do try and cash out those winning as opposed to carrying on playing and running the risk of losing back those winnings to the casino site you are playing at!

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