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When Should I Take the Slot Gamble Option?

cash-crazy-slotWhen you are playing quite a number of slot machines online you may find that as soon as you have spun in a winning combination the slot will then offer you the option of taking a gamble game.

Those gamble games will give you the chance of trying to double the value of that spun in winning combinations via a double or nothing based gamble game. However, as a player you may be wondering when the best time to take the gamble game option is offered by any slot you have chosen to play.

Well, there is never going to be a good or bad time to take that gamble game, as much like the slot you are playing the outcome of the gamble game will be determined by a random number generator and as such you have just as much chance of winning as you will of losing when playing off the gamble game.

One tip we pass onto a lot of slot players who do fancy taking the gamble game option is for those players to only take that option when they have spun in a low valued winning combination, as by doing so if they do lose the value of that win will be so low that it will not rapidly diminish their available bankroll!

One thing you should try and avoid doing is to gamble the higher valued winning combinations that can be spun in, for if you do take the gamble game and lose when you are gambling a high valued payout then you may have to wait quite a while before another one gets spun in!


Different Types of Slot Gamble Games

Some of the older slot machines that you can play at various online casinos that have a gamble game option will have something of a rather basic type of gamble game on offer to you. They tend to be basic guessing type games on which you are faced with nothing more challenging than try to guess the colour of a playing card that is about to be dealt out to you.

If you guess the colour correctly then you will be rewarded with your initial gambled amounts value being doubled however if you guess incorrectly then you will lose that initial base game winning payout.

Some slot machines now also an additional option whereby you instead of having to guess the colour of the playing card about to be dealt out in front of out, you have to guess the suit of that playing card, and by doing so your initial win is going to be quadrupled in value.

Some of the very latest slot machines have a range of different gamble game on offer which include you having to guess whether a coin when tossed will land with the heads or tails side of the coin after it has been tossed or you may have to guess in a number of dice when rolled will have an odd or even number when the facing upwards sides of those dice have been added up together.

In fact recently Microgaming have launched a brand new type of gamble game which is known as the Your Gable Game and when you choose to play one of the slots offering those gamble games and opt to thank the gamble game option you will be able to set your own level of risk.

You do so by choosing how much of a circle you will have as the win zone and the lose zone and the smaller the area you select as the win zone the better and higher the payout odds will be.

Once you have chosen your element of risk you then send an arrow spinning and if it lands in the win zone you have won and obviously if it lands in the lose zone you lose. However, that gamble game is quite novel and you will also have the option of choosing just how much you can gamble from your spun in winning combinations payout value, so you are not going to be forced the full value of that winning payout if you do not want to!



Most players will avoid taking the gamble game option however when playing any slot machine online, for they tend to be rather boring bonus games which whilst could se you winning when you do take them they are not as exciting to play as the slot is.

So if you are undecided whether you will enjoy playing off any slot games gamble game to consider playing those slots for free and taking the gamble game option via the free play option to see if you like he way those gamble games work and operate, and then if you do play the slot for real where any winning payout achieved will be yours to keep!

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