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Which Classic Slot Games are the Best Ones to Play?

In this slot playing guide we are going to be taking a look at some of the most basic types of slot machines that you are going to find on offer to you at both online casino sites and mobile casino sites.

Those basic playing and very easy to understand and play slot machines are Classic slots, and those types of slot machines all share a very similar playing structure, that being they have all been designed with just one single payline and three stepper type reels as opposed to them being multi-payline five reel video slots.

Whilst the way that a Classic slot machine has been designed and will play and pay may not be appealing to some slot game players there are lots of players who much prefer playing this category of slot machine as you simply need to choose a stake click onto the spin button and in a few seconds the three reels will have spun and stopped spinning and you will soon find out whether you have won or lost!


Best Way to Play Classic Slots

If you do fancy playing some classic slot machines then we want you to have the maximum winning chances and with that in mind please do pay very careful attention to the following hints and playing tips that we are about to pass onto you.

Firstly, if you do come across a classic slot machine on which you can put into play more than one coin per spin on the one single payline, then have a look at the jackpot payout as listed on the pay table of that slot machine.

If the jackpot payout is enhanced in value or if indeed any of the other pay table listed winning payouts are enhanced and boosted in value when you play the maximum number of coins then the only way you should play that slot is with maximum coins in play on each spin you play off.

Another tip to take note of is to ensure that you are playing at an online or mobile casino site that is going to award you with comp points that can be exchanged for cash or bonus credits, for those sites will be giving you additional playing value when you play their slots for real money!


Find out Which Slots Have Higher Payout Percentages

Try and do as much research as you can do before you start playing at any online casino site for by taking a good look around most casinos website you are likely to find a wealth of valuable information.

One thing you should try and look up are the payout percentages of every single slot machine available at any casino site for once you are armed with that information you are going to be able to pick out the slots that will return more of your stakes as winning payouts over the long term.

However, sometimes you do have to do a little digging to find out the payout percentages of online slots so one good place to look if that information cannot be found on the website of any casino is on the pay tables of each slot or failing that take a look over the help files attached to each slot machines.

If that doesn’t prove successful then take a look at the casino game designers websites as that is one additional place you may find out such information, of you could have a look around this website as we do reveal a lot of payout percentages on a range of different suppliers slot games!



As we have mentioned not everyone is going to find playing classic slot games that exciting, and the only way that you will be able to make a well balanced decision on whether you will find them appealing slot machines to play is by testing them out which you are more than welcome to do at each of the casino sites listed and approved on this website.

Once you do play them keep in mind that there are several other categories of slot machines that you can also play online, but if you do take a shine to them then consider also playing some of the other 3 reel slots available.

You will find that those additional 3 reel slot machines will offer more than one single payline and you may also find a range of them that have some form of bonus game or bonus feature that can be triggered as you are playing them.

However it is very fair and true to say the bonus games found attached to most 3 reel slot machines do tend to be rather basic ones and not as exciting to play off as the bonus games found on video slot machines!


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