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Which Penny Slots Pay the Biggest Jackpots?

happy-new-year-slotBeing a slot player who only ever plays slot game online for low stake amounts, usually only ever player each slot for pennies per spin, you will always be best off to look out for and then play the slots that are going to offer you the best chance of winning big.

With that in mind we are going to be taking a look in this slot playing guide at which types of slot games you should be looking to play that will give you the very best chances of winning and winning big

You will need to know which slots can actually be configured to play for pennies per spin and also which slot games are going to be offering you a playing structure you will enjoy, plus slots which come with high payout percentages also need to be at the top of your list of slots to play as will slots offering the very highest jackpot payouts.

Therefore please do have a good read though of the following guide for it will give you plenty of ideas in regards to the type of different penny slot games you should be making a beeline to play when you are next logged into any online casino site!


Best Penny Slots with Huge Jackpots

It will always be the progressive slot games that are going to give you the chance of spinning in and lining up those once in a lifetime jackpot paying winning combinations, and as such those are going to be the best paying penny slot game you will find on offer at online casino sites.

However, one aspect to playing progressive slot games that you do need to be aware of is that many of them will require you to have to either put into live-play a certain number of paylines or coins or even play for maximum bet spins for you to have any chances of winning a progressive jackpot.

If you play fewer than the required number of payline or stakes per spin then you will only have the chance of winning a set number of coins instead of the progressive jackpot!

However, if you play some of the random jackpot slot games such as those offered by Real Time Gaming, Microgaming or Playtech then you can play those slots for pennies an you will still then have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot as they are all awarded at random to any real money player even those playing for pennies per spin!


Locating and Playing High RTP Slots

One other thing that will help you get many more winning payouts over you long term play will be for you to actively seek out, track down and then play the slots offering you the highest payout percentages.

The way in which you can find out just what the exact long term payout percentages on any slot game is will be by you either looking up that information on the casinos website, or by looking it up on the help files or possible the pay table of each individual slot.

Whilst is can be a time consuming task looking up every single available slot machines payout percentage it will certainly worth doing, for no sane or savvy slot player is going to want to play slots which for example have payout percentages of 80% when they can play slots which offer payout percentages of 07% or higher.

So make sure that for you set about playing slot games online at any online casino site for real money that you look up that all important long term payout percentage information and then only play the slots offering you the very highest ones, which will be over 96% by the way!



As there is such a huge range of different gaming platforms available at various different casino sites you may be wondering just which casinos and gaming platforms to make use of when you do fancy playing penny slot games and penny slot games offering some mega sized jackpot payouts.

Well, if you are looking to play instant play and no download slot games that are going to be compatible with every single type of web browser we think it will pay dividends for you to try out and play the range of slot games on offer via the BetSoft Gaming Platform, for those slots are 100% unique and do offer some massive jackpot payouts.

BetSoft designed slot games also come with a unique 3D design and as such when you play them you will find the graphics and animations are stunning and as such you really are going to find them much better playing slot games than some of the penny slot games you will find on offer at some other online casino sites!

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