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Which Slot Games Have Bonus Board Bonus Games?

treasure-ireland-bonusWe always enjoy giving every single one of our website visitors as much information as is possible to ensure that they can find exactly the type of slot games they are looking to play online. In fact in addition to our information packed slot game articles and news updates you are going to find thousands of slot game reviews dotted around this website.

Slot players are always going to have their own preferences in regards to the types of slot games they are looking to play, and some of the most commonly played slots online are of course the video slot games on which you are going to be able to trigger one or more types of bonus games when playing off a base game spin.

Some slot games offer you a free spins bonus game and there are certainly no shortages of online slots offering a pick to win bonus game, however we are aware that more and more slot players are looking for a completely different type of bonus game to trigger when playing off a base game spin, and with this in mind in this slot playing article we are going to take a look at which slot games have a bonus board type of bonus game, and we will also enlighten you on what these types of slots offer by such a bonus game, if you have never come across them before.


What is a Bonus Board Slot Game bonus Feature Round?

A bonus board based bonus feature game is one on which you will be tasked with having to spin either a special number reel or rolling a set of dice in the hope that you can spin in or roll in a high number on the reel or dice and then move around a board picking up cash awards or additional features as you do so.

You will find the bonus board attached to all of the slots that offer such a bonus game will have all manner of different things attached to each position that you can and could land on when working your way around the bonus, and those things could be cash payouts, nudges, additional bonus games or even sets of guaranteed winning spins.

You will possibly have played a board game at home as a child or with your children or grandchildren and those bonus games are similar to what you will find attached to many slot games, but with one or two major differences. Keep on reading for below we are going o introduce you to some slot games which have a bonus board based bonus feature round on offer and one of those games we guarantee you will have come across before!


Most Played Bonus Board Game Awarding Online Slots

The most played bonus board game awarding slot games found online are the Monopoly themed slot games. You will almost certainly have either heard of the board game Monopoly or will have played it at one time or another and the slots which have this type of them will offer a bonus game on which you move around a Monopoly Board when you have triggered each slot games respective bonus feature round.

There are several different Monopoly slot games available to play online, and it is IGT the very well known and established land based slot machine manufacturer that offer these slots both in land based casinos and now in online casino sites, so do look out for any online casino carrying their range of games if you fancy playing instantly recognisable slots offering bonus board based bonus game son which all manner of things can be won when you are playing those bonus games!

You will also find that there are a large number of slot games online that are classed a Fruit Machine Games, and these slots are based around slot games that have been found in the UK in gaming venues for many decades now.

One of the most popular type of bonus features attached to UK Fruit Machines are bonus board games, and the main attraction of these types of slots is that the bonus games are triggered much more regularly that those bonus games attached to standard online casino video slot games.

So if you are looking to sample and test drive some online slot games that can and will regularly award you with a bonus board based bonus feature round then make sure you play the fruit machine games which many online casinos now offer their players, as you can always put them into play via the free play demo mode versions offered by each casino to see if you actually like the way the slots work and operate before putting any of your hard earned money at risk by playing them for real money!



If you have never played a slot game that comes with a bonus board based bonus feature round, then you do need to be aware that from time to time when you trigger the bonus game you may not make it around the board, as many of those types of slot games offering such a bonus game have positions on the board that can instantly end your bonus game!

So when playing these types of slots online, you need to realise that if you do wish to get the best playing experience you should never be too greedy when playing off the bonus game, for you will form time to time be given the ability to collect what you have so far won when working your way around the bonus board, more so on fruit machines, or risk what you have won by continuing to work your way around the board!

But when you continue to work your way around the board you will run the risk of losing everything you have so far accumulated, so never get too greedy when playing such a slot game online!

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