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Which Slots Award the Highest Number of Free Spins?

gladiator-slot-free-spinsIt is often when the bonus games and bonus features trigger when you are playing video slot games that you stand to win some of the highest valued winning payouts, and as such one of those bonus games which many players love triggering as often as is possible are free spins bonus rounds.

However, as a slot player who does enjoy those types of bonus games you may be wondering just which slot games will award you with the highest number of free spins, and that is a question we are often asked.

The thing to keep in mind is that some slot games whilst only offering a small number of initial free spins once you trigger their bonus games, they can often re-trigger those free spins multiple times as you are playing them off.

As such even though a slot may appear to only offer a small number of free spins, as soon as they start to re-trigger you can end up playing off a huge number of them.

It is with this in mind we have put together this slot game playing guide and below we are going to be introducing you to a range of different video slots all of which are famed for awarding players with either a large number of free spins initially or are slots which tend to re-trigger their free spins bonus games multiple times. So read on to find out which slot you may be interest in playing online as there are plenty of them available!


Slots Offering Lots of Free Spins

One slot game that can and often will award you with not only a huge number of free spins but some very large multipliers that will be in play when you are playing off your awarded free spins is the Lotto Madness slot game.

That slot is exclusively available at casinos utilizing the Playtech gaming platforms, and as soon as you spin in three or more of the bonus game awarding scatter symbols you then have to spin a wheel to determine just how many free spins you can play off and the multiplier values in play as they are playing off.

Another slot game which we think you will enjoy playing is Microgaming’s Gladiator slot. Now what makes this slot game very unique, apart from its theme is that by spinning in at least three of its scatter symbols in any position on the screen during one single base game spin you will then get to play off a whopping 100 free spins! Those free spins will obviously take some time to play off but you could in some large amounts of cash when they have triggered!

One final slot game that may be of interest to you if you are hoping to trigger a large number of free spins is the Cabin Fever slot, this is another of Microgaming’s multi stake and multi lien video slot games.

Whilst you do not get awarded with a huge number of free spins initially, there will always be a good chance you can re-trigger the bonus round multiple times as your free spins are all playing of. You only need a scatter symbols on both the first and last reels to initially rigger the free spins feature round and also get it to re-trigger!



Just keep in mind that when you do decide to play any free spins awarding video slot games you are never going to know when their respective bonus games will trigger. That does of course mean that you may end up playing of a large number of spins in between those bonus rounds triggering.

However, it may be beneficial for you to consider playing some of the Real Time Gaming designed Real Series slot games, for there are a number of them which have a feature guarantee attached to them. When you choose to play those slot game you are always going to know the absolute maximum number of base game spins you will have to play off before the bonus game is triggered.

As all slot games are completely random the non Real Series slot games can take ages to trigger their bonus games or you may find you gets several of them triggering in a short period of time, and that is why those slots are very exciting to play a you never know when the free spins will be triggered or what you will win when they do!

If you do fancy testing out some video slot games then each of our featured casinos sites, both on and mobile sites will allow you o test drive any of their video slots at no risk and for free, so do give some of them a try as you really will love the entertainment and excitement value each of them have on offer!

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