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Which Slots Should I Play More Than Others?

Randomly selecting a slot game to play when logged into any casino site is one way that you can choose to pick the ones to play. However, there are some slot games available to online slot players that you should always have at the top of your list of games to play.

With that at the forefront of your mind today we are going to be looking at a range of different slot games and slot game categories that you may be best advised to play.

Keep in mind though that with such a huge range of different slots always available to online players, and as each of them are completely random games of chance there will be no way of knowing in advance of any up and coming slot playing session you have will be a winning one!

But by playing the slots showcased to you below you will always have a very fair chance of winning, and with some luck in playing you could also win some huge amounts of cash too!


Overdue Progressive Jackpots

Over the years there have been a huge range of different progressive slot games launched that can be accessed online, and what you will find is that each of those longer established progressive slots do come with something known as an average payout amount.

That is simply the average amount that jackpot winners won on those slots when they won their respective progressive jackpots.

One good way of choosing just which of those types of slot games to play is to find out what the average payout amount is and then only start playing those slots when the progressive jackpot is above that amount.

By doing so you will then be playing a slot on which he jackpot is overdue and it may just be the case that those jackpots are going to be paid out to player much sooner rather than much later.

Try and play progressive slot games that are suitable for your bankroll though, for it can be the case that you are often forced to have to wager maximum bet spins on those types of slot machines which can often be a little to expensive for some slot players!

But with some hunting around you will find quite a number of different progressive jackpot awarding slots that can award their jackpots to players even if they are playing for pennies!


High RTP Slots

Another way that you are going to get longer slot playing sessions if you are something of a regular slot player is by never playing any slot games online that have a payout percentage of lower than 97.00%.

You may think that online slot games come with some fairly low payout percentages and to be fair some of them do! However, by looking up the RTP’s of any slot games that are available at any casino sites you play at you will be surprised to find there will be several of them offering payout percentages of 97.00%.

What you will find when playing those much higher and better paying slot games is that you will get more winning payout as you play them over the long term, and those winning payouts can come from spun in base game winning combinations or via the regularly triggering bonus games attached to those slot games too.

Another of the major attractions for players of playing slots which do come with higher RTP’s is that you will recycle your bankroll and gambling budget through them a lot more than when you play lower paying slots, which in turn means you will be earning more comp points too!



Always try and organise your online or mobile slot playing sessions in such a way that you time them to perfection, and by that we mean try and hunt around when you are in a slot playing frame of mind for any exclusive bonus offers that will give your bankroll more playing value.

Bonuses and online slot game promotional offers that will be made available to you from many different casino sites are always going to be structured in a different way, but by knowing which are the best bonuses and promotional offers to claim and make use of and when you really will find there is plenty of value to be mopped up!

You could be tempted to sign up to a casino site for a set of free slots spin or some form of no deposit bonus offer, and whilst they will of course give you a no risk type of gaming session, you are much more likely to benefit from much more value packed bonuses when you claim the deposit match bonuses, which come with the very lowest of play through requirements!

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