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Why are we so charmed by slots?

Have you noticed in slots in Internet casino such a thing – the longer you play, the faster you wish to press the “Spin” button that triggers the rotation of barrels? You want to raise speed of a game, when you lose, right?

Irritations of loss or long breakthroughs in one place without serious winnings force gamblers to play faster, hoping «now I can win, or win back». Playing drums of slots rotate more rapidly and the gambling house just waits for it.
The faster you play slots in an online casino, the more bets in an hour you make, the more gambling establishment earns, because its income is a percentage of gambling traffic, contained in all games, included in the program of slots.

I also noticed such a thing. I tightly control myself and speed of a game now. No matter how bad or good my situation in slots is, I always spin the drums relaxed, making not more than 5-6 rotations per minute. And it gives its fruits!

Just as with food, if you eat slowly, you can eat a smaller amount of food – and in online slots, playing slower; you can play with a smaller number of rotations and spend the same 1-2 hours. If so, why should you pay more?
Go to the online Liberty Slots Casino and try to control yourself for all 100% – play in any slot, making no more than 5-6 rotations per minute. I guarantee, this exercise repeated once a week will save much money in the future!

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