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Why Do Some Casinos Not Let Me Play Progressive Slots for Free?

If you are fairly new to playing at online or mobile casino sites, then you will probably be looking to sample but playing slot machines in those two playing environments via a free play demo mode initially, as that will allow you to play a range of different slots at no risk to see if you do actually like playing them.

However, what you will discover if that is something you set about doing is that whilst you will find you can often play the vast majority of slot machine online or via a mobile device for free and at no risk, some casinos sites will often not permit you to play their range of progressive slot machines via a demo mode version of those slots.

There is a simple reason for that, and that reason is that all progressive slot machines use a small percentage of each player’s stakes to feed the jackpot pools, and as such of players are allowed to play for free then the progressive jackpot pools would be filled with demo mode credits and not real money credits!

So whilst some casinos will not permit you to play progressive jackpot awarding slots for free you may find some casinos sites will, however when playing hem you will often discover that the progressive jackpot pools are de-activated when you do play those types of slot machines and slot games for free!


Which Progressive Slots Have the Biggest Jackpots?

You will find it is going to be the networked progressive slot games that are going to be offering you those very rarely won once in a life time type of life changing progressive jackpots, and networked slots are simply slots that are all linked together through a series of different online casino sites.

The way they have been designed is that any player playing them, usually for maximum stake limits will have a chance of winning the jackpots irrespective of the casino site they are playing them in.

However, there are some slot games such as the Mega Moolah series of slots form Microgaming and some slot games from Playtech that can be played for any stake level and you will still have a chance of winning their respective progressive jackpots.

So never think you are going to have to play for high stake amounts to win a huge life changing progressive jackpot online, for many players have done so when playing for stake levels as low as just 0.25, so always consider playing such slots when the jackpots are higher than they are usually won at, as those jackpots will be overdue and may just be won!


Which Progressive Jackpots Are Won the Most?

It will not surprise you to learn that it is going to be the lower valued progressive jackpots that do tend to get won the most often, and there will be hundreds of slots offering such jackpots when you do start playing online or mobile slot games.

You could also come across some slot machines that are designed to guarantee that they will pay out their respective progressive jackpots when they reach a certain amount, and it goes without saying that you will always be best off playing those types of progressive slot games when the jackpots are not that far off their guaranteed hit by amounts!

just make sure that you never go chasing progressive jackpots, for many players become way too obsessed with trying to win a progressive jackpot and will get carried away when doing so, and they could spend a huge amount of cash in the hope that they will win a progressive jackpot but never do so, so always set yourself a limit in regards to how much you will spend when playing such slots and then simply hope for the best!



If you are interested in playing progressive slot machines then do carefully consider at just which casinos sites you choose to play at, for some casinos could end up paying you out your winnings over months or even years!

What you need to first do is to take a look at a casinos website to determine just what if any payout limits they have in place, for quite a number of casino sites are only going to pay out a certain amount of cash each week or each month to their winning players.

You should therefore only play progressive slot games or for that matter any other type of progressive games at casinos that do offer very high payout limits to their players, for by doing so if you ever do beat the odds and win a mega sized progressive jackpot you will then get paid out your winnings much quicker at casino sites with high payout limits in place!

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