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Why Do Some Players Always Win Slot Tournaments?

riviera-riches-slotOne thing that may become apparent to you if you start to enter a number of different online slot tournaments is that it is often a small number of players who always seem to win them.

In fact, it is very true to say that there are a small number of professional online slot tournament players who through their skill in regards to knowing how to enter and play in slot tournaments optimally and very strategically can virtually guarantee they are going to profit from every single tournament they do enter!

Those players are not cheating in any way or playing against the rules, but what they are doing is using the rules of each slot tournament in such a way that they will always have a much better chance of winning than a casual slot tournament player!

If you want to know how it is going to be possible to win way more slot tournaments than other players do then read on for below are the two most common ways players can play in most tournaments and win them!


Players Use Continues to Win Multiple Slot Tournaments

When you have either entered a freeroll slot tournament or have taken part in a paid to enter slot tournament when you have played off your initial entry then many players will stop playing at that moment in time and hope the score they achieved will see them winning one of the prizes on offer.

However, what many players are completely unaware of is that on many slot tournaments you are able to carry on from the moment in time when you tournament credits or your allocated tournament timer ran out.

To do so you will have to purchase something known as a Continue and that will see you having to pay an additional fee to carry on playing in that slot tournament and in exchange for that fee you are given more time and more tournament credits and will then be able to increase the score you achieved on your initial entry.

It is always the case that players who are prepared to buy multiple continues are always going to have the best chances of winning one of the prizes on offer on any such tournament, so that may be something you should consider doing yourself for the best chances of winning!


High Rollers Will Always Win Points Based Tournaments

The other type of slot tournaments that you can enter online are tournaments that are structured in much a way that it will be the number of comp point you amass and accumulate as you are playing slot games with you own money that will then determine if you are going to win one of the cash prizes offered to entrants in those slot tournaments.

If you are something of a low rolling slot player then to be perfectly honest you have virtually no chance what so ever of winning these types of tournaments. For your low stake spins are only going to see you earning a low number of comp points, even when you play slot games for an hour or two

When you do come across any online slot tournament that are structured as comp points based tournaments the players who are always going to win them will be the players who are playing the slots for the higher stake amounts.

As such when you see the names of the winners of those types of slot tournaments on the Leaderboard, it will be the fact that those players are playing the slots for some very high stake levels.



There is however some slot tournaments that are going to offer you a very fair and reasonable chance of picking up one of the cash prizes attached to them, even if you are the type of player who only plays for low stakes.

Lookout for slot tournaments that are designed and structured as One Shot slot tournaments for when you enter those tournaments all of the entrants are only permitted to take one turn on the tournaments, which means high rolling players cannot simply buy their way to the top of the leader board by taking continues!

Also look out for some of the sit n go slot tournaments that more and more online casino sites are offering their players. When you take part in those types of slot tournament you will find that there is only ever going to be a small number of other entrants taking part in them.

That then means that with fewer players to take on and beat you will have a much increased chance of every now and then winning the cash prizes attached to those types of slot tournaments as there are only a handful of other players taking part in them!

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