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Why do Some Slots have Limited Jackpot Payouts?

big-break-slot-paytable2The vast majority of online slot games you will come across will have something known as a fixed coin base game jackpot, when you are playing for example three reel slots you will find that it is often the case depending on just how many coins on single line three reel slot you wager or how many lines you put into play on the multi line three reel slots then a different but fixed coin jackpot will be awarded to you.

In fact when you play most video slot games online you will find listed on their pay tables the associated winning payouts listed for spinning in any possible winning combination on any activated payline you have chosen to put into live play and activate. The more coins you wager per line will of course increase the winning payouts by an extra multiple of x1 per additional coin wagered on each line.

Playing progressive games are what many online slot players much prefer doing as there is the chance of being able to win a huge and instantly awarded amount of cash the value of which grows over time as those particular slot machine jackpots are feed by the stakes of players playing those slots, and the jackpots can grow to some staggeringly large amounts!

However, when you are playing some online slot games you will often find that when the bonus games have been awarded then you are going to find that maximum jackpot payouts that can be awarded to you when those slot machine bonus games have been triggered and warded are limited, and you may be wondering why this is, and below we will take a look at some slots that do limit the amount of cash you can win via the bonus games and will explain why this is so.


Real Series Slots Capped Payouts

When you choose to play at Real Time Gaming powered online casino sites, which we have several top rated ones fully reviewed for you on this website you will find many of them come with a capped base and bonus game jackpot payout.

This payout is often capped at a maximum winning payout of 40,000 coins and many players ask the question why are those slots capped in regards to the amount you can win off one individual spins or game played off, the reasons for this is that the bonus games which can be awarded often re-trigger and re-trigger quiet often and as such it could be possible for a player to win a mega sized amount of cash in they were playing those games which are completely random, and those bonus games kept on being awarded and re-triggered.

That would often cause the slots to arrive at a stage where its payout percentages is way too high and that is a risk no casino owner would want to take, and as such by putting into place a very generous maximum payout cap their risks are limited whilst the chance of the player winning big will always be there and available.

In fact as all Real Series slot game some with one or even more than one randomly awarded progressive jackpot there is always an additional chance a player can win bug and win more than the 40,000 coin cap!


Gambling License Payout Cap Requirements

Some land based and online slot games will come with a maximum payout cap and that cap will have been imposed by the licensing jurisdiction that regulates that casino site. There are many countries that license land based slot machines available from within their boundaries that have lots of different categories of slot machine licenses based on where those games are available.

Those licensing jurisdictions will then impose often both a maximum stake amount and also a maximum amount a player can win when playing those slot games via a maximum payout per single game played cap. However, it is worth noting the slot games will still work and play out to their predetermined and certified payout percentage even if they have a capped payout!



Apart from when you are playing progressive slot game online or on a mobile device or even in a land based casino venue you will always find that there is going to be an absolute maximum amount of cash you can win when playing nay particular slot games offered at those sites, and this is something that you will need to take into account when you are selecting just which slot machines to play.

If you want lots of regularly spun in winning combinations and wish to play a slot that awards its jackpot much more frequently than other games then head towards the low variance slots for the way those slot work and operate will see you getting lots of winning combinations forming and the jackpots can and are won much more frequently on these types of slots than any other, the only downside of playing low variance slot machines is that the jackpots will be quite modest in size.

You will be best off playing the high variance slot machines if you are looking for those rare but very rewarding mega sized winning payouts, for when playing those types of slot games whilst they can be very greedy slots in regards to you having to spend a lot of money playing them for often no rewards, when those large sized winning combinations and high paying bonus games are awarded to you those winning payouts often make up and cover lots of previous losing sessions!

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