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Will Pressing Max Bet Increase a Slot Games RTP?

city-of-gold-slotYou will often find on the control panel of any mobile or online slot game you have access to a button which is marked as a Max Bet button. If you have never played slot games before then you need to know what that button is going to do and what effect, if any, it will have on the slot game.

When you click on the Max Bet button the slot game will then put into play the maximum number of optional paylines that slot has on offer into live play and the reels will spin. Also the maximum number of coins permitted to be activated per payline will also be put into live play.

So if you do want to play for the maximum stake on your chosen coin value then clicking the Max Bet button may be something you will find of interest as it will save you having to choose the paylines and coins per line manually!

One question often asked by slot players is whether playing maximum bet spins will increase the payout percentage of the slot they have chosen to play.

Well, on some slot games there may be a slight increase in the RTP, and as such you should check through the pay table and the slot game help files to determine whether there is any increase RTP when playing for the maximum permitted stake on any slot game you come across.


High Stake Slot Games

If you fancy playing some slot games but for much higher stakes than you may usually do, then make sure the slot games you checkout are the video slot games which are available in high numbers at all online casino sites.

For as you are going to be able to alter the coin values on those types of slot game you will find you can then configure them to be played for stake levels of your own choosing, also look out for slots which will let you play more than one coin per payline, as those types of slot games are the ones on which you can quite easily play them for very high stake amounts.

Also be aware that each slot game will have a different slot variance, and whilst some slot games will have been designed to give you lots of low valued winning payouts when you play them, those slot games being the low variance slots, if you want the chance of being able to win a huge jackpot or getting some massive winning payouts via a bonus game feature round then opt to play the slots which come with a high variance playing structure.

Just make sure you always play slot game for stake levels that your gambling budget can sustain, as when playing or high stakes your slot playing bankroll can be soon eaten away!


Low Stake Slot Games

When it comes to you picking out a range of low stake slot games you should always avoid pressing the max bet button when you have chosen any number of them to play! In fact you will find that when playing at any of our featured casino sites each of them will have video slots, progressive slots and also three reel slots which can be configured for low stake gaming.

Instead of pressing the max bet button or even the spin button when you launch any online or mobile slot game that you wish to play for low stakes, you should instead choose how many of the pay lines that you wish to put into play.

It will be the video slots that tend to have lots of optional pay lines and by pressing the lines button each time to click or tap on it you will activate one more payline.

Once you have happy with the number of lines you have chosen you can then adjust both the coin values and also the number of coins you want in play and then pressing the spin button instead of the max bet button the slot will send the exact number of lines on your chosen stakes into live play.

Lookout for some of the slots on which you can win randomly awarded progressive jackpots for when you do wish to play for very low stakes they are the best slots to play for your low stake level still gives you a chance of winning one of those progressive jackpots.



One thing you should always do when playing any type of slot game in a real money playing environment, and that is play within your means. As every slot machine, both online and mobile slots will offer you the ability of playing them for different stake amounts, and always adjust the stake options to ones that you can comfortably afford to play for!

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