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A Town in Italy is the First to Ban Slots

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Italy is big on their casinos, slot machines and other games. However, when it comes to this small town, it was the first to take the leap of faith, put their foot down and ban slot machines throughout the entire city. Were people mad? Of course, but they also have to look at the why this happened.

Why Slots Were Banned

Anacapri became the first town to ban the slot machines in many of the inappropriate and surrounding areas, and the residents themselves voted to do this. The slot machines are allowed, but they cannot be within a certain proximity to many of the community areas such as the schools, churches, parks, tourist beaches and other areas where the community is able to gather and spend time.

This came from finding out that many of the city residents found that this quick growing phenomenon gained a lot of attention, which left the attention out of many of the other areas of the city. This was not how they wanted to be seen in the eyes of tourists, and other towns throughout Italy, so they quickly changed the rules and made it so they could not be as easily found, and if you wanted to play them then you had to visit some of the other areas, where the beautiful places of community were left untouched.

As of January 1st, of this year, all of the slot machines have been unplugged, and have been left that way. Those that offered them throughout their businesses, or ran specific businesses for them are out of business, and must find another way to make their money, whether they choose something else, or do business in another town.

These shopkeepers went and complained about the situation, but in the court, the decision to ban them was upheld, since many of the residents felt it was the best way to go about this type of problem. They feel that this is good for the city as a whole, and it can be restored back to it’s former glory.

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