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A Woman is Denied Her $41 Million Jackpot Earnings

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Judge gave an answer on the jackpot the woman was supposed to receive.

This seems a bit harsh after reading the headline, but it is true. A casino in Waterloo, Iowa is not having to pay for the jackpot that the woman had won back in 2011. According to the reports, the 87 year old woman was out having a good time with her daughter inside the casino when the screen on the slot machine flickered on and off stating that she had won the $41,797550.16 jackpot earnings. These earnings are expected to be paid out when the people that win them summon over the people working in the casino to let them know they have hit the jackpot and expect their very large, in her case, pay out that she is entitled too.

This is not the case for this woman, however.

According to the game, it was stated that whatever she had landed on caused a glitch in the system and her actual payout was $1.85. The slot machine was only set up to give a maximum payout of $10,000, with no bonuses. This means that the $41 million she saw on the screen was not what she was supposed to get, and that this was something that the state officials and court had ruled in the casino’s favor.

The casino would have went into debt if they had awarded her that amount of cash during her payout. They instead, told her that it was wrong and that they couldn’t possibly give her the money. This is when she brought them to court for the payout, and it had taken four years to get an answer regarding the jackpot she thought she had won. It is impossible for a casino to just give into the whims of someone, and they are glad the employees knew what to do with this particular situation.

Since there was a sign letting patrons know that malfunctions voids the pays and plays that the person gets through the machine, the casino does not have to pay out these earnings. The case was dismissed before making it into the actual court room. The findings are hard to swallow, but it is good for her to have closure, even if it does suck, just a little bit.

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