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Blast From the Past: Top Officials Brought Down Due to Investigation into Slot Machines

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Slot machines were illegal in 1929, but still managed to make it where they shouldn’t have been.

When it comes to a good old fashioned investigation, you have to consider the many things that you’re going to uncover, especially one that is as old as the one that was just done. You would think that perhaps something would be unearthed, but what that is, no one knows.

It started with ‘mechanical thieves’ that were popping up all over the city in 1929. These thieves were the ones that got away with all of the slot machine cash and no one knew who they were or what their motives were when it came to getting the cash and then taking off with it. This can be a time when it comes to wondering how much crime was around the corner and how much crime was caught.

In the case of this 1929 investigation, so many top officials were actually the ones to blame. They were the ones that made the headlines as the thieves in the case. Even the former Mayor was indicted with charges of this crime that they had going on. Who would have thought that the mayor would be in such big trouble with the law but it seems that during the 20’s, almost everyone had ties to doing something illegal.

The slot machines were something that was not allowed during the time, but the mayor would take payments, as well as the officials of the area to look the other way while they set them up and let the people of the area play them. This was something that stood out the most. Do you think that currently, many officials are looking the other way when it comes to the gaming machines that they have throughout the areas.

Despite the good vibes throughout the area, during the time, this came as a large shocker to those that live in the area. They couldn’t think something like this would happen and that the officials would actually flip and let something like this happen but apparently it happened and it will continue to happen as time moves forward. We just might not know about the rest of them right now.

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