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Breaking the Stubborn Slot Machine

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Want to try the world’s stingiest casino?

MGM Grand is home to the stingiest slot machine in Vegas. The old slot machine has not produced a jackpot in nearly 20 years but its popularity continues to grow. The fact that no one has won on this machine has driven the Jack Pot to an astounding $2.3 million. It has become one of the most talked about fascinations on the Vegas strip. Located in the 2nd largest casino in Las Vegas on the MGM grand floor this 3-reel slot machine called the Lions Share has been taking people for their money and not giving back a thing for so long the patrons almost believe it’s a conspiracy.

Other regular patrons of the casino feel like it has been primed and is ready to deliver the jackpot everyone has been waiting on real soon. The slot machine takes $1 and $2 bets that can help you win legitimately $10,000 without ever hitting the jack pot. It also has a reputation of paying out enough to keep you playing for hours hoping and waiting to win that elusive $2.3 million it has hidden inside of it. Many people have attempted and all have failed.

Over the nearly 2 decades of no jack pot the machine has built a remarkable following that has given many people hopes of getting the ultimate prize out of it. Some people even strategically bring money to put into Lions Share in order to induce the prize money. People travel across the country to divulge their hard earned money and have yet to have the success they desire. As long as no one wins it, the myth and aura of the Lions Share will continue to be one of the most sought after jackpots in Las Vegas. Next time you are at the MGM it may not be a bad idea to drop a few coins in the machine and see where your own luck really stands.

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