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Brent Eli Morris – a professional sharper.

Posted by on Friday, September 14, 2012

You can’t call Brent Eli Morris a lucky sharper, because he was caught more than 10 times and then sent to court. Bu nevertheless he was the one, who drove crazy the security services of various casinos of the USA for 20 years. There are not many famous frauds, who have done so many successful frauds.

Brent was born in September, 1956. It is hard to say, why he started this kind of activity, but we know that in the beginning of 80th he was already engaged in doing frauds. But his first problems were in 70th, when he was arrested for fights, stealing and other unpleasant things.

His specialization was the increasing of winning stakes, and the decreasing of no-win stakes in the game of craps. He was not greedy and sometimes he was even adding some chips of the same value. He was a virtuoso in this; his favourites were stakes in Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line.

When the dealer was distracted even for one second, he increased the stake in a blink of an eye. He was able to drop the chips with such accuracy, that chips were on the stake and were not falling on the cloth.

He was also successfully increasing and decreasing stakes in Odds, in which the stakes can be made without croupier assistance. But sometimes he was putting chips in the middle of the field in order to distract the dealer from his stakes in Pass Line.

The permanent readers of our site know who “irregular” craps players are. Let’s remind: these are players, who usually stake on “Don’t Pass” (the losing of the shooter). It’s no secret that such players are not very popular among the visitors of the casino, who prefer to be at one with the shooter.

Morris played the role of pariah with pleasure, and even took place not near the crowd. It is easy to guess, why he was doing so. Thus he attracted the attention of other players, but they were busy with their own game, so they didn’t distract him from realizing his plans. But dealer was distracted in order to assist other players, and thus Brent was able to do whatever he wanted to do.

He didn’t disdain to steal the chips of other player, and it was easy because of the boisterous atmosphere around the table. Sometimes he made his tricks more than 2-3 times per game, so his riches were growing fast.

His mistake was his greediness or his diligence. It is natural, that if you’re frauding hundred times in the same casino everyday, you will be caught, and it doesn’t matter, how genius you are. He was caught many times. In 1994 his name was enlisted in the “black list” of Nevada Gaming Commission.

At first he received only fines and notices. But in 2011, when he was arrested one more time in “Caesars Palace” casino, he was not so lucky. The judge took into account his previous deeds and his violation of the prohibition to attend several casinos. Brent Eli Morris was sentenced to a long-lasting term in jail, and he is there now.

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