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Casino Claims Slot Machine Malfunctioned after Woman Hits Big $8 Million Dollar Jackpot

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

In Rochester, Washington an Oregon a woman playing at a slot machine in a Lucky Eagle Casino hit it big as she landed on the $8 million dollar jackpot, but walked out of the Casino with nothing as the Casino’s management team told her that the machine she was playing on malfunctioned.

Veronica Castillo who is a loan officer from Beaverton, Oregon brought her mother to the Lucky Eagle Casino that is located in Rochester, Washington, last week.  As she played she was over joyed as she placed a hundred dollar ticket into a slot machine and hit it big on the jackpot, well she thought.

Veronica stated that she was overwhelmingly excited and happy and that she could not believe that she actually hit the jackpot to a local CBS news affiliate.

After all the excitement she was then informed by the casino management staff that she actually did not hit the jackpot due to the fact that the slot machine that she was playing malfunctioned.

After she was informed about this, Veronica stated that the casino management shut the machine off, took the machine off the floor and gave her a ticket for $80.00 that they had printed out.

As the CBS affiliate reported that all of the machines in the Lucky Eagle Casino do have stickers placed on them that do state that if the machine malfunctions it will void all of the pays as well as plays.

Veronica Castillo is currently working on retaining a lawyer in order to claim her winning.

The casino CEO Mr. Setterstrom, who has been employed by the casino since before it actually opened its doors in 1995, stated that this has never happened in the Lucky Eagle Casino before. He has stated that we wants to keep Veronica as a patron of the Lucky Eagle Casino and that he is currently working on getting answers from the slot machines manufacturer.


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