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Coweta Slot Machines Have Been Seized From Convenience Stores

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Close to ten machines have been confiscated in a raid on convenience stores throughout Coweta. Slot machines, and other casinos have been feeling the sting when it comes to being illegal throughout many states, and currently, these convenience stores took matters into their own hands and figured they would offer the fun and games to those that come in to their stores and want to put down some cash. So they put down the cash, and the store makes the money for them. It is something that provides them with a way to make extra on the side, but also ensure that they keep this operation somewhat of a secret.

The Back Story

The police were not even there for the slot machines that were hidden in the back, they were there regarding an alleged drive off from someone not paying for their gas. This is when the trouble started and the police decided to investigate a bit further than what they were initially there for.

They decided to do this when a customer walked out of a back room located in the convenience store. The customer handed the cashier a ticket, and then they were handed cash and walked away. This, to the officer, looked suspicious so they decided to check into the issue much more than just checking out the initial problem that they were there for.

Of course, the officers did not just act out of curiosity. They made sure to get a search warrant and permission from the chief to investigate further. With this, they went back and checked into the back rooms of the convenience store where they say the entire casino set up, tickets for cashing out for the earnings that the customers make and many other things related to the small casino set up that they had. Of course, included with the slot machines that they took out, they also found table games and many other games that had a lot to do with the casino background.

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