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Florida State Denied Request for 2,000 Slot Machines Installed at Bestbet

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, March 14, 2017


State regulators have denied the request from Bestbet to install a total of 2,000 slot machines in the Jacksonville poker room, stating that a change in the law id required.

In November, the Duval voters actually approved a referendum in order to authorize the slot machines after the fact that the Bestbet owners paid out more than 2 million dollars on a campaign.  In the month of February, the company submitted an application to Florida State requesting a license for these slot machines to be installed at the newly converted Garden Ridge warehouse that is located on Monument Road.

The state than returned a letter of denial to the President of Bestbet Jamie Shelton on Thursday, stating the three reasons why this Jacksonville facility was not eligible to have these slot machine installed.

The very first of these reasons stated that the state law does not actually authorize slot machines within counties that have the voter approval unless said referendum itself was authorized by the law or in the state Constitution.

The second was that it stated that the Florida state Constitution only allows for slot referenda to occur in Broward and Miami-Glade counties.

The Third reason stated that the state law only allows for slot machines to be installed in buildings that are “connected to the actual live gaming facility.

The Bestbet facility in Jacksonville operates as a poker room that is based on an agreement with it sister facility that is located in Orange Park, but there is no live racing at the facility that is located in Jacksonville.  Bestbet has a total of 21 days in order to challenge the state’s denial decision in the form of requesting an administrative hearing, or Bestbet could actually file an appeal on the decision.

Brian Hughes who is the spokesman stated that there will be no action taken at this time.

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