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IGT is Having Losses Coming From Their Slots

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

IGT is having some financial difficulties.

Slot machines were once a favorite pastime of so many people, however times are changing and this means the changing needs of those players that have been using these devices to get some extra cash and to have a little extra fun. Those that once used them continue to use them but are becoming fewer. Those new inside the casinos are not interested in games based on luck, and are more interested in the table games that try their skills when they are playing them. This loss is something that many people do not consider, but when it comes to IGT, they are feeling the effects of not having many slot players.

IGT’s Revenue Changes

When it comes to the numbers of their casino, and the changes that are being made, it shows that the slot machines are where they are falling the shortest. This is because many people are just not interested in them. The tables are booming, and doing a bit better than normal but with the slack on the slot machines, they are fearing that they might be the next ones to get kicked off the strip because they are not able to keep their doors open for very long with the decrease in revenue that they are getting. This is not a good thing to worry about, and it is not something that they should have to worry about, being on the strip for quite some time now.

When you’re thinking of hitting up a casino, what is the first thing that comes to mind? What is the first game that you want to play? Generally, if you’re a bit older than the slot machines might be appealing, or if this is your first time to a casino then they might be. However, if you’re new to the casinos and love trying out your skill and playing the game, then the tables are where you’re going to find the most excitement during your visit.

Because of this, so many casinos have had to re-think the slots within their walls. They have had to come up with more ways to make money and even sign on with the companies that are offering skill based slots for the younger generation.

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