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Israli National Running Illegal Operations of Slot Machines in California

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

“Dino the Casino,” as he was known as also was known for having a very expensive taste for his cars, stated the federal authorities.  “Dino the Casino” has also made millions of dollars running a gambling scheme that was illegal that started in Bakersfield and ran all the way to Sacramento, California.

Nive Hagay who is an Israeli national that federal authorities have stated that he has been living illegally within the Los Angeles area was indicted Thursday for more than a dozen charges that stemmed from allegations that he actually installed many mini slot machines within multiple gas stations as well as multiple stores and tried to conceal the income that those machines earned by paying cash for a sports car that cost $200,000.00 among other purchases.

During the arraignment that was held in the U.S. District Court in Sacramento, California, Nive Hagay put in a plead of being not guilty and he was held without the possibility of bail, stated Alan Eisner an attorney.

Nive Hagay was first suspected when an investigator from the state received a tip that a man that was known as Dino the Casino was allegedly peddling slot machines that were not legal within the Central Valley area of California. 

According to an affidavit, in May the FBI actually became very interested in Nive when an FBI informant stated to agents that he installed a slot machine within a Sacramento smoke shop. 

Over several months after this, agents put a tail on Nive as they secretly recorded  the dealing that happened between himself and the FBI informant in order to gather enough evidence of a lucrative enterprise as they described it.

Nive has been accused of installing around fifty illegal slot machines within three dozen small businesses within the Sacramento, Bakersfield as well as other areas.  He convinced the store owners to allow these machines within their businesses by offering a split in the profits.

If Nive is convicted on these charges he faces a total of 55 years in prison as well as very heavy fines.

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