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Judge Asked to Reconsider Ruling on Standalone Slot Machines

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A judge in Tallahassee has agreed to hear the arguments on why he should ultimately reconsider his initial ruling that a standalone console (also known to be called “pre-reveal” games) are not considered to be illegal slot machines.

Hearing set for June 19th

John Cooper is the Judge who has set the hearing date for June 19th within the Leon County Courthouse.  This is after the Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida asked to intervene. 

This action also places a hold on the appeal that was filed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in the District Court of Appeal that regulated gambling. 

The Tribes Argument

The Tribe holds the argument that Judge Copper’s initial decision “upends the Compact,” which is the initial agreement that was made between the state and Tribe for the exclusive rights to offer certain types of gambling in return the state would get a certain percentage of that revenue.  This could actually cost the state billions of dollars in gambling revenue.  The initial decision that the court has made would eventually lead to an unprecedented expansion of slot machine gaming within the state, which would in turn destroy the exclusively that the tribe agreed upon in the initial Compact. 

What are Pre-reveal Games?

A pre-reveal game is a device that play as well as look just like a slot machine.  But the Judge ruled the way he did because he reasoned that they just did not fit the actual legal definition of gambling.  This is due to the fact that the player of this type of device always knows if he or she will win on the next spin.  Player of the device have to press a button that shows a preview of the next spin, before the actual play button is even activated.  Thus, the gaming device does not need skill nor is it left up to chance the player always knows if he or she is a winner or loser for the next spin.

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