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Man Urinated Inside a Slot Machine

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Man urinates right inside a slot machine Friday night.

You read that headline right! A man that was playing inside a casino decided he would urinate inside a coin slot on the machine. A man playing the game Friday night was charged with many infractions due to the urination inside the slot machine while at the casino in New Jersey. While many people were standing around while it happened, he didn’t seem to be the least bit concerned about them seeing him do this to the machine. No one wanted to walk over and tell him to stop though, so the proper authorities inside the casino were notified and then later, the police.

Why Would He Do This?

Why this man decided to do something like this? We are not sure, but it is something that definitely makes a good story when you’re trying to get the attention of those around you. He might have had too much to drink and was upset about not winning the jackpot that might have been offered when playing it. We are still getting some details on the story, but the man was reluctant to leave with the cops when they came, and he looked pretty disoriented about the entire affair.

We want to let everyone know that peeing in the slot machines is not something that casinos tend to take lightly. This man might not be able to ever visit the casino floor again, or some of the others in the area after this stunt that he pulled. If you want to be banned, then this is one of the best ways to get banned from the casino floor.

Bet safe, have fun and make the most of your trip and remember, the casinos offer bathrooms right on the floor for those that might want a place to relieve themselves.

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