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More Skill Less Chance Slot Machines of the Future

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Slots are looking towards a change in the future.

When playing slot machines, winning is totally dependent on chance. Skill is most likely what will be needed in the future. There is hope, this will bring in more players to the casino floors. The younger demographic, want more to do than one button pushing. The slot machines might look more like video games, the younger demographic enjoy. With the decline in revenue from slot machines, something needs to be done.

A committee of state Senates are considering a new bill that will affect the casino industry. The bill will allow the gaming regulators to approve skill based machines, instead of just chance. Chances of winning a skill based game, will possibly be higher, and the payouts lower. The requirements, outcome of the game, and payout flexibility, will have to be decided. If this bill does pass, the way we know slot machines, will be gone. A.G. Burnett, Control Board Chairman, stated “grand casino openings with people rushing to play the slots’ are gone.

Casino resorts offer options of entertainment, that cater to the younger crowd. Some of this includes fine dining, clubs, and the entertainment. Casinos know that times have changed, and games must also. This is one way for gaming to stay up to the times. There are questions that are not answered yet, can casinos be successful financial? Will the players learn to play so well, a win for the house is slim?

Quantum Gaming Concepts creator, Chris LaPorte waits patiently for the bill to pass. His company has created games for the casinos that are not allowed yet. LaPorte claims, that he has a way that the player and casino will be happy. He made a comparison with basketball. He looked at the amount of people that play the game, and the amount that play professionally. The only ones that will be capable of winning regularly, are professions.

The only way to answer the questions is, time. There is no opposition with this bill, at this time. Hopefully we will see casinos, as well as the customers enjoying the experience.

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