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North Vancouver to Get a Make Over

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

North Vancouver to see slot machines in the coming future.

The shores of North Vancouver are looking at getting a make over and ramping things up a bit. With the latest and greatest technology on the market, they are hoping to bring even more people in to the shore, give them a good time and make sure they want to come back for more.

How are they doing this though?

Through the use of high quality slot machines, now everyone has a chance to play the game and not have to worry about the overly cramped casinos, or lack there of. The city is reviewing their 20 year ban on gambling and coming up with a better solution for everyone involved. This means that big changes are coming for the city and those that live or are around there are happy about the outcome.

The slot machines that are proposed are supposed to be going in the shipyard, which means a lot of business from those coming and going, working and visiting and even shopping by the market that also happens down in that area. There will be restricted gaming hours, and slot machines are the only games that are allowed in the area. There will be no use of table games what so ever, since this might raise a lot more problems. This little bit of leeway is hoping to go a long way and show everyone just how lucrative the gambling world can be.

Through the use of the gambling ties and strong holds that are out there, so many people are hoping that these types of gaming centers will go in where they are. This is a big thing to consider when it comes to working out the kinks that come along with it. Through the use of these machines though, the city is able to make a bit more money and hopefully work on some projects to better the area for everyone that works, lives and plays there.

Many other cities are following along when it comes to choosing to go with casinos and small gambling scenes over others. This is a big push forward and one that everyone wants to make sure they are a part of when the time comes.

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