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People Believe Slot Machines Get You Hooked by Messing with the Brain

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Img: www.cdn2.vox

Img: www.cdn2.vox

Scientist have stated that these types of games trigger a very addictive dopamine rush when they are played.  Some lawmakers are calling for a tighter control on machines as the losses due to gambling is on the rise. 

There is very little compared to betting on a slot machine when it comes to the gambling world.  These slot machine games are often programmed to make sure that the house is the winner as they produce a chemical rush in the player’s brain that may fuel a gambling addition, stated scientist.  B.F. Skinner a US psychologist has long compared pigeons he has trained to those who have played slot machines.

Now the lawmakers within Australia where the gambling losses are the largest around the world are in fact renewing their calls for a tighter restraint on these slot machines.  The losses from playing these types of machines in the year of 2015 came to a total of 11.6 billion dollars.

Under the Australian laws, these slot machines which are known as poker machines in Australia may keep up to 15 cents of each and every dollar that is played, although the typical rate that they keep is 10 cents on a dollar.  Although a player of this game just may lose or get lucky occasionally, the lengthier this game is being played, the more money it does take in.  This is what is considered to be a mathematical inevitability. 

There is NO Getting Ahead

It is considered to be impossible to get ahead when playing these slot machines when looked at in a long run frame of time, this is according to a website that was set up in order to help those who may have a gambling problem.  When the icons on these machines just about line up, are considered to be illusions they just may in fact persuade such players that they are very close to becoming a very big winner, when in fact there is just no way to make this big success any more likely.

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