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Perryville Casino Asking State to Remove 300 Slot Machines

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Slot machines were removed from a casino in Perryville.

The Perryville Casino is now asking the state to remove around 300 different slot machines from their floor. This is the second time that the casino has asked the state to do this. This is not a new thing either. They call it ‘rightsizing’ and they do it to make way for the newer games that are going to be coming on the floor to ensure that they have enough room for them all. The last time that this was done was back in 2010 but since times have been changing, they have to make sure to do it again so that the new ones have somewhere to go.

What Happens to Them All?

They will sell them off to make money for the state of Maryland or some might be donated and so on. Losing out on these games gives them more space to work with and add additional items throughout the casino that they would not otherwise be able to get if the slot machines were still sitting in the areas. They want to make sure that they can continue to update the casino to meet the standards from some of the others that the people are able to visit, if they wanted more luxurious, larger surroundings.

The owner of the casino takes this loss in stride since he believes that this is going to help them overall. While the slot machines are not really going to be missed, since they take away some of the older, less played games from the floor. These games are less important, while they keep the other ones going to ensure that no one feels bad about the removal of the others, even if it means being able to add additional items throughout the casino that they might like even more. They want to appeal to all of their guests.

This is something that will most likely happen again at some point but until then, they are going to continue to build up the casino and make it better than ever. When the time comes to clean out again, they will make sure to get a hold of the state again to come in and take some more things out.

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