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Preckwinkle’s Slot Machine Tax to be Upheld

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Slot machine tax can be a real thing.

When it comes to the taxes that every casino has to pay, you would think that they uphold this. While, they find slot machine places everywhere thinking that they do not have to pay the same taxes that the largest casinos out there have to pay. This is not true. In fact, they have to pay the same taxes and they cannot have the slot machines and offer them to the public without the right permits to do so. This is one common misconception by all of those slot machine owners that have them and offer them to customers, and do not have permits to even have them.

Preckwinkle is Now Under Pressure

They have to pay the taxes that the state puts on them, or else they have to shut down the whole operation. While they might have a permit, they will have to renew this and make sure that they put in for the taxes that they owe because of the money that is put on the table. When they are profiting from the slot machine business, this should be something that should make them know that they cannot evade the taxes any further.

If the taxes are upheld then this means that the county is going to meet the deficits that they are currently facing, which could mean great things for the area. This is something that is going to be a big deal for the people and everyone else in the area. While they have told the slot machine holders the taxes will be due and how much they may have to pay to even have them, they have to enforce the rules and make sure that they follow them.

While this is still going forward, and there is no word on what is going to happen next, we will keep you updated as things change from time to time. Check back to Money Slots when it comes to it.

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