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Revenue is Not increased From Slot Machines Being Tighter

Posted by Samantha A. on Thursday, October 8, 2015

The revenue seems to be in a tight hold.

It appears that the players of slot machines may have been on to something.

The slot machine games have gotten tighter.

A study that was conducted by the gambling equipment industry largest trade association found that the slot machines HOLD percentages have ultimately increased to 14.5 percent across the nations over the course of ten years.  While the hold percentages have increased dramatically the revenue from the games have only increased 1.1 percent.

A Slot Hold is considered to be the percentage of wagers that are held by the casino.  They could be associated with the amount of money that the gamblers bet on the slot machines, or even the lack of it.

According to this study, tighter slot machines have not proven to be an increase in the gaming revenue.  In fact it has been stated that the hold percentages may actually be the cause for the declines.

At the time casino operators purchase a slot machine from the manufacturer they select the hold percentage.  These slot machines come with a wide range of hold percentages, they are not all set the same.  When casino operators share the revenue from a slot machine with the manufacturer these hold percentages are pre-set.

The recent study found that the nationwide slot machine hold was at a low of 5.96 percent in the year 1990, at this time there were only three gaming states. During the last year, this figure hit an record high of 7.7 percent as they factored in the numbers from the now 12 gaming states, which include New Jersey, Nevada, Mississippi, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Ten of these 12 states that were listed in the study showed an increase in the slot machine hold percentages over the 10-year period.

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