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Russia’s Ban on Slot Machines Enable Criminals to Purchase Slots to be Reversed Engineered

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, February 7, 2017


In the year of 2009, the PM Vladimir Putin placed a ban on all slot machines in order to starve Georgian mafiyeh their funding means, this ban resulted in many used slot machines that enabled Russian criminals to purchase these machine at a very cheap rate in order to reverse engineer then to actually discover any weaknesses.  Now many of Russia’s gang members go from casino to casino racking up an enormous amount of money.

One of the weaknesses that these gangs have discovered while reverse engineering is that the patterns are actually predictable, these predictable patterns were discovered in the slot machines pseudorandom number generators.  These gang members are very careful not to win any more than 1 thousand dollars from any single slot machine.  It was due to this fact that it ended up taking a very long time for operators of the casinos to discover why their slot machines were actually paying out more than they should have according to the statistics that were predicted. 

The FBI has now arrested a number of these alleged operators.  It has been said that one of these operators who were arrested will be turning state’s evidence.  This will actually provide the means that will unravel this scam.  However casinos and their slot machine have no actual way to prevent this type of game play except for heavy surveillance as well as arrest.

The reality behind the economics of the gaming industry have guaranteed that the orginazation in St. Petersburg will actually continue to grow.  These slot machines have no actual easy fix.  Novomatic, Aristocrat, as well as many other slot machine manufactures have also been cracked, in order to fix the situation they would have to pull each and every slot machine off the floors and replace them with slot machines that are brand new.  With this said many of these casino cannot actually afford to invest that much money for the newest slots on the market.

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