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Sherri Skoons – a blonde, who cheated on the casino.

Posted by on Friday, September 14, 2012

Sherri Skoons is one of the most successful frauds in the modern history. In the 90th she was an important member of the Richard Marcus’s team. Her achievements may seem not very unique, if compare with some achievements of some famous man-sharpers.

But the representatives of the softer sex do not usually gain any fame on the field of gambling and frauds. So it’s no wonder, that every woman, who was successful in cheating on casinos, attracts the attention of not only the workers of the security service, but also the attention of ordinary people, who are just interested in the casinos history.

Sherri’s career.

She was born in May, 1961. In the beginning of 90th she was dating with Salvatore Jillete, who was frauding with Marcus. She was step-by-step engaged in this dangerous activity.

Firstly, she was doing secondary charges. She was organizing the crowd near the tables with roulette and baccarat, where the main frauds were playing, and was distracting the attention of the dealer. Then Marcus admitted her talents, and started giving her more complicated tasks. Skoons was making the specific stakes, and that allowed her partners to change the original chips with fakes.

A little bit later she was in involved in exchanging the chips into money (remember, the chips were fakes or stolen). It may seem as the easy thing, but this is the point, where frauds attract too much attention to them. The usual result is the investigation, the strict viewing of the video recordings and the general fail of the affair. Sherri was incredibly lucky, thus she received money with ease. The peak of her “career” was the role of the player, who was demanding the recovery of the stake after realizing that the chips were faked. She played her role of stupid blonde magnificently, and no one suspected that she was an experienced sharper. She was never caught.

The happy finale.

It is amazing, but Sherri charmed not only the men and casino staff, but also croupiers, pot-bosses and managers, who were female. An ability to manipulate people was not her only virtue. The most important thing is that she was able to have her nervousness in hand, and found the power to stop Marcus’s gang.

In 1995 she decided to get an education, and chose the profession of the criminologist (an ironic choice for former sharper, huh?). In one of the “C.S.I.” episodes the name of Sherri Skoons was mentioned. It means that her activities were noticed and admitted.

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