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Should There be Slot Machines at BWI Airport?

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Slot machines are the latest craze for airports.

Many people are speaking out about the slot machines that are going to be going in airports throughout the country. Not only that, but even across seas countries are now adapting to putting slot machines in businesses that need the extra income. As long as they have the permit, and are licensed to provide this type of gaming, then it can be fair game for any company that wishes to put some gambling devices on their floors. However, in the US, people are speaking out about the slot machines that are going to be going in the BWI airport, and how this might not be the best move for the airport overall.

What They are Saying

While putting slot machines through airports opens up more lines, is able to occupy those that wait and also bring in extra revenue for the airports; it is something that is also frowned upon at the same time.

The group of Maryland lawmakers want to put as many as 2,500 different slot machines through the floors of the airport in the area. They will be regulated, they will bring the airport extra income, as well as the state. While this is a big thing money wise, it is also something that is going to be smack dab in the middle of two other larger resorts and casinos. This might be a bad move to make if they do not want to take away any of the business from the others on the market, nearby.

They have not had the go ahead yet, since they are considering the currently saturated market for the area, and deciding if this is the best move for them to make. It can bring in the potential cash everyone needs, but this might spell out doom for the other casinos in the area that are also regulated, bringing in money and doing well at the moment.

There has yet to be a decision made, but many people are waiting on the outcome. The conclusion can change the way things are ran, and the business that the casinos bring in on a daily basis. All they can do is wait it out until a decision has been made.

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