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Slot Machine Supervisor Stole Thousands From Sun Pocono Casino

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

While it is not too often that you hear of the workers within a casino stealing money over time, while some of them do help the outside bank robberies, it is still good to keep in mind everything that they are doing when it comes to their job. When it comes to this slot machine supervisor, they thought it would be a good idea to steal over $27,000 in slot machine revenue over the course of the time that they’ve worked there. They were not figured out for some time, either.

The Story Behind the Theft

The slot machine supervisor was in charge of dealing with any slots disputes and problems that arose when something went wrong. They should have refunded cash, or found out the issues so that the casino could work harmoniously. James Clayton Bencykowski, of Duryea in Pennsylvania was then arrested and charged for stealing thousands from the casino while in this trusting position with them. Occurring from May 2014 to September 2015, he continued to slowly steal money from the customers, and the casino.

He previously worked at the casino as a security officer, but quickly moved up into another position when offered. Another employee thought that he was up to something and reported suspicious activities going on within his part of the casino. An investigation then was held to find out exactly what was happening. The records show that he was using “game tests” and “paid out” forms to steal the money and put it in his own pocket, rather than providing the customers or the games with their tests, which is something that is against the policies of the casino.

532 total forms were filled out and used by the employee, and 314 of those were labeled as theft and brought home from him, inside his pocket instead of what the forms were actually filled out for. For all of these, he would file a higher amount than what was owed to the customer, cash it in and give the customer their cash while also pocketing some of it for himself. This went on for some time without anyone noticing.

He was using the stolen cash to purchase Vicodin and is currently being held, and waiting a trial and hearing for his crimes.

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