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Slot Machines are taking on the Classic Tetris Game

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tetris slot machines might be the new thing.

Slot machines are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The more people gravitating to the experience of the casino and the popularity of table play has made the slot machine a mere accessory to the grand scheme of the casino make up. Although slots still generate significant amount of income keeping people sitting there and entertained has become a growing concerned for Casino owners across the country. This has prompted many casinos to spend millions on the amenities that surround the casino such as hotels, dining, horse racing and online gaming opportunities. The slots are in need of a general make over to bring people back to them.

For the most part slots are an easy way to enjoy the casino atmosphere. Takes the least money to make the most so it will always serve a major purpose inside the casino floor. The next step is to generate slots that will keep people off of their cell phones. That is there biggest competition. The regularity of a slot machine should provide opportunities to win big money but these old out dated machines are becoming less likely to shell out cash and more likely to take yours. The new class of machines are looking to reinvent the old classic games from the 80s and 90s to bring a new flare for that generation who are not enjoying the casino lifestyle.

Scientific Game Corp. has recently signed a licensing agreement to take on development of a Tetris slot machine. The classic game has generated over $50million in revenue alone on its most recent mobile app. This could be the defining factor that draws old gamers to the slot machines again. Bringing the old school to the casino, this will probably not be last we see of the reinvention of the slot machine culture. Casinos from all over the country are looking for effective ways to move past the old slot machine ideas.

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